Let’s call shadow banning what it really is: algorithmic gaslighting.

@aral you sound steampunk. I have no clue what you're talking about. Shadow banning?

@naii @how @aral when a service (eg twitter) lets you post but other people cannot read them, and your posts are hidden when people are searching. They've banned you, but you don't know it.

@winterthediplomat @how @aral Uff, so that is really happening?! That sounds like hidden censorship, being "stabbed from the back" or being muted because your voice "shall not be heard". All those show a kind of cowardliness. What ugly times are we actually living in? #shakinghead :(

@winterthediplomat @naii @aral

Shadow banning sounds like shitting over people's face. That a company can do that to human beings shows how much respect is given to life. If Twitter is doing this, they deserve to go down in flames.

@how @winterthediplomat @aral Thankfully, alternatives like #Mastodon exist. If #Twitter stays on this course (of shadow banning) I'll have to leave that place - it's going to be hard...

@how @aral I came across this video in /r/degoogle Not sure about its credibility and reliability but it describes what shadow banning is and it’s creepy.

@aral Bad for use against humans. Good for use against bots.

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