@Gargron Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’m seeing, unless I implement WebFinger, my ActivityPub server cannot federate with Mastodon. Is that correct/as designed?

e.g., I search for my server’s URL. Without WebFinger, nothing is found. With WebFinger, the account is found. Mastodon doesn’t seem to ask for the actor – at least via a search – unless WebFinger exists.

@aral Correct. Since we rely heavily on the mention syntax, we have to verify username ownership that way.

@Gargron Got it. It‘s not a problem to implement (already have). I would like to see, however, how we can simplify things for personal federated web sites where there is only one owner/user. The domain should really be (is) the account e.g., instead of which is redundant and unnecessary. I’m currently using e.g., @person for testing just to satisfy the requirement whereas my account is actually

Hope that made some sense :)

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