Are You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem?

“People want health care and education to be social goods, not market commodities, so we can choose to put public goods back in public hands. People want the fruits of production and the yields of our generous planet to benefit everyone, rather than being siphoned up by the super-rich, so we can change tax laws… None of this is actually radical.”

Excellent article by Dr. Jason Hickel

@aral in my town a middle aged lady fell over in the street and had to wait nearly 3 hours for the Ambulance in cold weather as there weren't enough available (and her injuries although unpleasant were not life-threatening, and there had been other patients with heart attacks etc). Other members of the public reassured her and kept her warm, the Ambulance did eventually arrive; and she was openly prepared to say to the Press she /didn't/ mind paying slightly more taxes to fund the NHS!

I would not say that the issue is capitalism, not entirely. I've would say that capitalism is a good thing, with a moderating force that is. The whole idea that capitalism *must* be unrestrained is a lie.

The thing has always been that without anything to moderate capitalist forces, capitalism has this bad habit of running wild between "booms & bust" economic periods with nothing in-between to stop it.
For the those working minimum to those doing fairly well off in the middle class, that is not stable at all.
And it is stability that I am after, I doubt that I am alone in that.

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