@aral Any particular features that should lure me away from Atom?

@sati Intelligent code completion, speed in general, awesome integrated terminal, great extensions, the fact that blind and disabled people can use it too… lots. Too many to list. It’s probably the best editor I’ve used.

@aral Hmm.. I may have to give it a look at some point, just that I'm stil irked by using anything produced by Microsoft, open source or not. Perhaps VSC could change my mind on that..

@sati Oh, I hear you. And you should be. I am too. And I’m sadly still looking/waiting for the catch. Here’s hoping they see it as a PR vehicle and won’t fuck it up. It bring open source gives me hope they won’t or that the community can take over when/if they do.

@aral I'm assuming that the 'catch' is the telemetry stuff they build into the majority of their products now. You can turn it off in VSC but how many people know that and will do so?
The world has become a battleground for 'your attention/data' and the distribution of such software is the tooling required to collect that info.
At least it is open source so that crap can get ripped out. 🙂

@aral Too bad it always collects data regardless of your telemetry settings.

@Lionirdeadman Hmm… I didn’t notice anything untoward on Little Snitch but maybe I gave it permission for a route for some legitimate purpose early on. Will keep an eye on it.

@aral All my love (regarding IDEs/text editors) is reserved for elementary Code, but that screenshot does look quite nice.

@aral VS Code is all good, except for how it collects telemetry by default and the opt-out is barely discoverable: code.visualstudio.com/docs/sup

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