“‘Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have the same business model,’ says Balkan. ‘If Cambridge Analytica can sway elections and referenda with a relatively small subset of Facebook’s data, imagine what Facebook can and does do with the full set.’”


We didn't listen because of the fundamental optimism tendency. The idea that bad things can and do happen -- often beyond our immediate control -- is so very upsetting that people edit it out subconsciously in order to remain functional otherwise.

Which leaves a lot of people's asses uncovered, and leads to things like, well, 2016.

(And while I'm sure some people will claim I'm lying, my first read about CA was, IIRC, in September of 2016. No one I told believed me. Because scary.)


Unfortunately, evolution perfected it over MANY cycles in order to keep us focused on the immediate needs and away from larger things. We had no control over lightning, so thinking about it wasn't an advantage. We had no control over tigers attacking, so thinking about it wasn't an advantage.

Evolution has that unfortunate tendency (in successful, prodigiously procreating groups) to go with greedy, first-blush solutions.

Groupthink in corps, head in the sand in politics, same cause.


I think the real question isn't "why'd we miss it" but "how do we unseat a bad faith president with machine-gun-speed propaganda support when we never prepared for that to be a real, complex, difficult possibility".

And it's a question which I'm not even sure can be answered, with the human tendency to rely on 'singular visionary leader' types. Law tries to work against it but has its own issues and is, currently, far too entangled with the corporate complex to take drastic actions.


I hope there's a solution. I would pray, were I not an atheist.

But I'm not someone who can actually affect it. I'm just furious at humanity for letting something this terrible escalate to this degree with no concept of it being potentially dangerous.

I'm mad at myself, too, but I'm nothing but words, and I tried to tell people.

And it didn't do anything, because they didn't want to hear it.

@aral funny that people freak out with this, but not on the way FB controls all the media and their reach, wich is not "illegal" but a very hard political control

this is all not reassuring, as FB is actually controlling the media that criticise it, I don't see how people could choose wisely and quit/change/debate over this sanely...
even some here are saying that it's important to keep your fb account "in case of emergency" ... :/

@aral Let's hope this attention is not a hype, but the beginning of more awareness. I hope Google will follow. Twitter blocked me and I need to do the ReCaptcha and give Google permission to collect data and give my mail address and mobile number. Which I refuse.

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