Don't waste the Cambridge Analytica scandal: it's a chance to take control of our data

Excellent article by Scott Ludlam in the @guardian that cuts to the heart of the matter:

“What has been exposed here is not some unforceeable aberration, but an ordinary consequence of what Shoshana Zuboff calls ’surveillance capitalism’“

@aral my mother watched a news report about this and said "who cares?"


"microtarget" is going to make people think it's no big deal, it sounds small

"laser-guided" sounds dangerous and really should be the terminology used because this shit's like a psychological orbital strike

overall I agree though

'microtarget' is my one issue with the description in the pictures

@aral pretty ironic how the article presented me with two Amazon Alexa ads 😅

@stragu Indeed. The problem goes beyond tech: the business model is also the business model of mainstream publishing.

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