Packing up and moving to Ireland (Cork) next week. Might not be easy to reach in the next couple of days or slow to reply.

@aral Any reason for leaving Malmö? Is Sweden not recommended in your opinion?

@acb Sweden’s beautiful and must be absolutely lovely if you’re Swedish. Wouldn’t hurt if you have a neoliberal bent either ;) Didn’t really turn out to be our cup of tea. Lots to love: great cycle lanes for one. But we want to be somewhere where we don’t feel like long term tourists and we can get involved in local life. Ireland isn’t perfect (nowhere is) but at least we can try and get involved politically or otherwise and aren’t excluded due to a language barrier, etc.

@aral @acb interesting. You hear it a lot that its hard to integrate in the nordic countries. Why not Brussels or the Netherlands?

@aral Then you want to haunt Google right where they are?

@aral Then you are very near Google! (Headquarters in Dublin). 💪🏽

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