Smart Citizens not Smart Cities

On Tuesday, I’m presenting a keynote at the Eurocities Knowledge Society Meeting in Ghent on our work with The City of Ghent in Belgium that aims to empower the citizens of Ghent with free and open, federated, and interoperable technology that they own and control.

Whenever you hear the “smart” prefix, ask “who is getting smarter about whom?”

Our work with The City of Ghent aims to enable citizens to become smarter about themselves.

@aral isnt Michel Bauwens from P2P Foundation also doing some work there?

@aral Have you looked into IOTA and it's potential for making smart systems where the user is in controll of their data?

@aral Does this work include building and sharing a web library with links to information about the problems & opportunities as well as links pointing to the many different individuals, organizations and groups already working to try to solve some of the problems?

I've been building web library focused on poverty and youth serving organizations since 1990s w goal that it would serve as resource for others. Here's map showing 4 sections.

Are you doing similar?.

@aral !!! this is the sort of project I've been looking for!
Will there be a recording available online? Or a shared slide deck?

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