If you missed today’s live stream, you can watch it here:


We take you through our live streaming setup. Includes me struggling with a Just Works™ iPhone/AirPlay/Apple TV (while all the Linux stuff around them were busy, ahem, just working) and Laura covering creating transcripts – a crucial accessibility requirement.

Live Streaming on a Budget

Small Is Beautiful – live – tomorrow – Thursday, Jan 21st, 2021 – 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM New York (UTC -5) / 9AM San Francisco (UTC -8)


We’ve gotten a number of questions about our live stream setup and the equipment we use. Join us as we take you through it.

(Have your webcam/microphone and headphones ready if you want to join the conversation in our virtual studio.)

Join us and our guests live on Small Is Beautiful today (in just under an hour and a half) to talk about ways we can prevent the Googleification of schools. How can we encourage free and open ethical alternatives instead of normalising surveillance capitalism for the next generation?

(Have your webcam/mic/headphones ready if you want to join the stream or ask a question. We’ll give out the studio URL during the stream.)


Just bought @danrabbit’s lovely Harvey app on the @elementary App Centre. It tells you the WCAG colour contrast between any two colours you pick on screen.


If you’re an indie dev, consider making apps for the elementary OS App Centre as a small tech alternative to the iOS/Google app stores.

Small is Beautiful

Next live stream: Free and Open Education with Pine64 and elementary OS


We’ll be joined by Nicolas Vivant, CIO of the city of Fontaine, who oversaw the deployment of 200+ elementary OS PCs and Debian servers in schools. Our other guests are Cassidy James Blaede (elementary OS), Lukasz Erecinski (Pine64), and Pernille Tranberg (Data Ethics EU).

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 – 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM NY (UTC -5) / 9AM SF (UTC -8)

If you missed today’s Small Is Beautiful live stream, you can watch the recording here:


We talked about Laura’s work on @better and Site.js Hugo templates, @margodeweerdt’s lovely illustrations for the photo blog template, and my preliminary work on Place – the fork of Site.js that I’m working on specifically for the Small Web.

Small is Beautiful

Our first stream for 2021 is tomorrow.

Join @laura and me for an update on our work on @better, Site.js (sitejs.org), and Small Web (small-tech.org/research-and-de).

Have your webcam/mic and headphones ready if you want to join the conversation in the studio.


Site.js version 16.0.5 released

Fixes two regressions:

- Crash on `site enable` if system does not have Node.js installed
- Misalignment of first line of logo in Help screen.

Thanks to @alfonsomunozpomer for contributing to this release 💕

Download from: sitejs.org

(Or `site update` to update. Production daemons will update automatically as usual.)

Got us matching “Fuck the Patriarchy” necklaces from Fuck The Tories as a New Year’s present :)


“If I were In-Q-Tel right now, I’d be drooling as I wrote a check with lots of zeros in it for the Skypack folks because widespread use of Skypack would be any national security agency’s wet dream. Imagine being able to inject any code into any web application at any time to obtain login credentials, etc.

This isn’t even a backdoor. This is a wide open frontdoor. It’s basically Backdoor as a Service.”


A reminder that our weekly Small Tech / Small Web live stream, Small is Beautiful, is tomorrow (Thursday) at 5PM Irish time (UTC).

You can join us in the studio to ask live questions or join the conversation so have your webcam and headphones ready.


Site.js version 16.0.3 released

Fixes several regressions/crashes that crept in during the implementation of the pull and push commands.

To update: site update


Fun trivia: this is the first release I’m making from my new StarLabs LabTop running elementary OS 5.1.7 🤓 👍

Small is Beautiful – It’s elementary, dear Watson

First episode of a weekly live stream that Laura and I are trying out.

With special guest Daniel Foré, founder of elementary OS (@elementary)

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2020

Time: 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM New York (UTC -5) / 9AM San Francisco (UTC -8)

Location: small-tech.org/videos/small-is

(Have your webcams and headphones ready if you want the chance to ask questions / join the conversation live. We’ll give out instructions during the show.)

OK, similar question.

Can you tell me:

- Which app is currently active?
- What is its name?
- How you figured it out.

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Quick test: can you tell me what the names of the three apps you see on my screen are and how you know what their names are. Also, can you tell me which app is currently active and how you know that.

Ready for my talk for the design/development students at Howest.

Will be showing a very early proof of concept of Small Web server setup for the first time.

3PM Belgian time.

Watch live at:


Hey @conservancy,

Nothing says “freedom” like having a trillion-dollar surveillance capitalist as your main sponsor.


(CC Mozilla)

When you call yourself “free and open source” and you’re a raging surveillance capitalist.

Hey, FOSS Post, you’re a bit shit, aren’t you, darling?

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