Indie Web Server 8.2.0: Cascading archives for an evergreen web

I just released version 8.2.0 of Indie Web Server. This version brings with it a cascading archives feature to make it easier than ever for you to support an evergreen web and not break existing links as you evolve your sites.

No, thank you.

Here’s to a world without leaders. Not me nor anyone else. Hierarchy is the problem.

Just released Indie Web Server 8.1.1: introduces a development-time reverse proxy feature

The post has an example of using it with Hugo to test over https://localhost with functional live reload.

Introducing Indie Web Server 8.0.0: install the server and start serving a secure static personal web site in literally seconds

Video demo + short post:

I hope it makes your lives easier. This is one of the earlier pieces of the puzzle in the Hypha project.

(It took two weeks and a couple of false starts but Version 8.0.0 introduces native binaries for Linux and macOS. Production use via startup daemons is supported only on Linux platforms with systemd.)

Upgrading the studio with a black backdrop hacked by reversing a portable cinema screen. Can’t wait to record the demo for Indie Web Server 8.0.0 :)

If only everything was as simple as setting up your own web server…

Coming soon ;)

Note: never code on wine but if you must, you can do far worse than a 2006 Lebanese Chateau Musar.

Six days after my live demo blew up in my face in Singapore and six days of banging my head on a wall later, the standalone executable* of Indie Web Server just served its first page as a launch daemon.

I’ll probably release the Linux version first for testing sometime this weekend/next week.

* i.e., Node.js not required.

Roti canai and curry for breakfast?… Oh, yes, please. Thanks, Gin!

So our team just flipped a ~ 28% agree / 72% disagree initial vote to a 52% agree / 48% disagree vote after our presentations and debate at the Straits Times Educational Forum in Singapore on the motion “Entrepreneurs today do more harm than good.”

Gives me hope to see that change is possible once people actually get to hear diverse viewpoints. Here’s hoping we can follow-through with The Straits Times and Singapore Management University to implement some of the alternatives that we discussed.

What kind of a world have we built where we have to justify, in writing, something as natural as parents visiting their children? That’s exactly what I just had to do so my Turkish parents can get a visa to visit me in Ireland. Here’s the letter of invitation I just wrote.

Looks like they posted another interview I did with French media a few days ago. This time with L’ADN:

Google, c'est comme la cigarette : c'est votre choix mais il impacte les autres

Had been looking for a very simple notes app on Linux for a while and just discovered FromScratch via GNOME Software. Love it!

Just finished preparing and rehearsing my opening speech for the debate in Singapore this week. I will be defending the motion “Entrepreneurs today do more harm than good.”

This is my opening slide :)

Indie Web Server 7.1.0: Launch a live secure static site with a single command

I am really excited about this one. To launch a secure, live static site run this on any VPS that has a domain name pointing to it and Node.js installed:

npm i -g && web-server --live

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