Want an example of where Fedora Silverblue 36 trumps the usability of macOS? See the gorgeous new screenshot feature (part of GNOME 42).

1. What do you press to take a screenshot on a Mac? I keep forgetting the silly combination… On my machine, it’s the Print Screen button.

2. The screenshot feature is entirely intuitive with no hidden functionality; it remembers your choices and lets you record stills or videos.


So this is one of the coolest things about Fedora Silverblue (apart from the excellent stability, speed, and gorgeous stock GNOME 42): the first entry you see is today’s operating system. The second one is yesterday’s. If I wanted to, I could revert to the latter with a single command.

Right, so this has recently been fixed.

If you run into the same issue, go into Terminal and upgrade the operating system from there:

rpm-ostree upgrade

Everything should be back to normal once the upgrade is complete :)

(Thanks to github.com/bobslept for the tip.)

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The one pain point I’m encountering currently with Fedora Silverblue 36 is with GNOME Software.

It just seems to have lost all its settings and reverted to its original (broken) state.


Oh my goodness, been using the Mastodon web client basically since it first came out and only just saw/unchecked the “Enable advanced web interface“ option in Preferences and… ah, bliss!


Linux life hack: say you have a page open in Firefox on your Linux machine and you want to view it on your phone (and you don’t have some fancy integration between the two)…

Instead of typing in the URL, get the FxQRL extension that shows you a QR code of the current tab’s URL and aim your phone’s camera at it.

Boom! :)


Very impressed with the performance of Wireguard even on a less than €4/month VPS with 2 VCPUs and 2MB RAM.

(The first set of iperf3 results is without Wireguard, the second with.)

Tiling Assistant is an excellent extension for managing window tiling, including support for gaps.

(Now updated for GNOME 42.)


Bread & Butter Pinot Noir… vanilla, vanilla, vanilla!

(Just check out that colour.)

So much yum :)


Somebody reported me to myself, y’all. How’s your day going? :)

Hint: if you don’t like my comparing Israel to Russia, go tell Israel to stop acting like Russia.

(And find out how the fediverse works before you go making an arse of yourself trying to censor me on my own personal instance.)

Is it just me or can’t Fedora Silverblue install Flatpaks downloaded from the web (flatpakref) in GNOME Software?

(This is a valid, decentralised way of distributing software that doesn’t require centralised services like Flathub, etc. and should be supported as a first-class citizen in free and open operating systems.)


A little in love with my new entirely silent setup. The Streacom DB4 case with dual heat pipes keeps the Ryzen 5700g GPU chugging along at ~55°C during normal usage and ~75°C is the max I’ve seen it under full load (while compiling stuff with all cores firing at ~100%).

GNOME 42 can use wallpapers with light and dark states. To create your own easily, check out Dynamic Wallpaper by Dušan Simić from GNOME Software.

Source code: github.com/dusansimic/dynamic-

I guess you could say I am very much enjoying Distrobox under Fedora Silverblue ;)

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