Very odd: has anyone ever come across a web font that renders perfectly fine in browsers on Linux and macOS but where the glyphs are corrupted in every browser on Windows? Never seen anything like this before.

Spot the two computers :)

Spoiler: Raspberry Pi 4 rear-left, feeding the 4K monitor. Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen in foreground.)

Spent a lovely evening in Dublin and now back in Cork with my parents. So lovely to have them at home. This is the first place we’ve lived in that they’ve gotten to see.


The lovely folks at Pimoroni messaged me on birdsite to say they’re sending me the official Raspberry Pi power adapter for free and wouldn’t budge when I tried to convince them that I was happy to pay for it (just didn’t want to pay for shipping again).

Please support them: they’re an independent shop in the UK and they have lots of yummy things for tinkering with electronics and computers and awesome customer service:

Bought a new computer… rather excited to see how well it performs.

Your print job is processing… unless you go to advanced settings and select your printer, in which case you might be able to see that it cannot be found.

It’s 2019. Your Linux laptop running GNOME cannot tell the time properly. (But that’s an upstream problem, probably, so it’s OK.)

* I’m not in Stockholm but I did connect my VPN through Sweden recently so maybe that’s why (even though right now it was connected via the UK; disconnecting hasn’t made it update).

Having a great time practicing behavioural design on stage in Darmstadt :)

The lovely folks at @Framasoft translated – and wrote an introduction for – the article I wrote I for Kulturstiftung des Bundes (The German Federal Cultural Foundation) titled Slavery 2.0 and how to avoid it: a practical guide for cyborgs:

Nous sommes déjà des cyborgs mais nous pouvons reprendre le contrôle:

In German:


Just finished Journey. What an amazing game. Had heard so much about it; lovely to finally experience it. And apparently Robin Hunicke worked on it. Met her ages ago and remember finding her hugely inspiring.

He twitches while he sleeps. He looks up from a dream and I tell him it’s ok, he can go back to sleep and he lays his head back down. These little moments… so priceless; they remind you how special life is.

Have you heard about Silicon Valley’s unpaid research and development department? It’s called the EU.

Who should you thank for Facebook’s Libra?

• “One of the UK’s leading privacy researchers”
• University College London
• The DECODE project

And, if you’re an EU citizen who pays their taxes,

• You.

Surprised? Don’t be.

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