If you’re already running Site.js, just use:

site update

To update it to the latest version.

If you’re running it in production, it will automatically update within the next hour.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can install it and have it up an running in the next 30 seconds from sitejs.org

First update of 2020 coming today to Site.js (sitejs.org).

It fixes an issue where automatic server reloads were not working for nested hidden folders (eg., in .get/ or .post/ folders for dynamic routes).

w00t! Cooking on Pop!_OS 19.10 gas.

(Once the System76 folks fixed the bug I reported with the installer and released an update in record time and once and I figured out how to revert my packages to stock 19.04 – hint: aptitude is your friend – the actual upgrade process was buttery smooth. Great job on pop-upgrade, folks.)

Background: github.com/pop-os/upgrade/issu

Folks: is it the year of Linux on desktop yet?

Linux: …

(Zoom in on the top-right corner. Yeah. Seriously. And no, I have no idea why my notifications have suddenly decided to appear in miniature.)

Important Better Blocker announcement coming in a bit…

Is anything as adorable as a little puppy fast asleep beside you? *heartmelt* :) (This is Josie, our neighbour’s dog.)

PS. Turn your sound on for this one :)

Ooh, just received the Neo2 from FriendlyElec. Can’t wait to play with it! :)

After my opening keynote on Small Tech at NextM in Warsaw last week, RMF FM recorded an interview with me where we talk about the dangers of the Silicon Valley model of tech and how we can build tech differently to protect human rights and democracy.

So I guess Twitter isn’t going to let me log on anymore? Been waiting about 10 minutes since I first tried logging in and no email (nothing in spam either).

Oh well, that’d be one way to lock folks out I guess.

At the hotel after my tech check at the NextM Poland venue for tomorrow and may I just say it’s a right circus in there ;)

I think this might be the first time I’ve hand coded a slide for a presentation. You don’t have to do this but I love that Slides.com lets you do it if you want to (and add custom CSS too).

Moving to slides.com for my slides and to using OBS Studio live switch between slides and terminal and browser, etc., during demos is light years ahead of what I could do with Keynote :)

All set up for my opening keynote on Small Technology at Creative Ville 2019 in Antwerp.

“This is the European Parliament and I’m here to chew gum and speak truth to power… and I’m all outta gum!” ;)

Folks: “oh a ten minute talk at the EU Parliament? You give talks all the time, you’ll just pull it out of your ass.”

Me: …

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