National Rail have turned their web site grey to honour a dead royal racist. If you have @better installed, you see it in colour.


Because they’re including the code using Google Tag Manager and we block that tracker.


Site.js version 16.1.1 release

Fixes the initial double-load issue on Firefox at development time with hot reloading (by removing a Firefox hack that was attempting to work around a browser issue with server-side events that I can no longer reproduce).

site update # to update

Or install fresh from:

Over the weekend, folks in the @nano community donated ~130 $NANO to the Small Technology Foundation using our new donation form (

As a little thank-you, Laura & I made a Svelte component of the Nano donation widget this week for not-for-profits, etc., to use on their sites (your site doesn’t need to use Svelte).

We’re going to hold an unscheduled live stream of Small Is Beautiful tomorrow at 5PM Irish time (UTC+1) to release it:

So, I wasn’t expecting this: folks have donated 112.840 $NANO (~ €530) to Small Technology Foundation *today!*

(Actually, they donated a little more but I donated 10% of the donations we got through @NanoTipBot to its developer.)

Thank you 💕

And another… this keeps up and we’ll be set for the year ;)

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Ooh, we just received our first Nano donation (~1 $NANO) at Small Technology Foundation :)

Working on the Small Web place creation flow and its related protocols.

The goal is for it to be as interoperable as possible. We have to work with external server, DNS, and payment providers and, in addition, we want people to be manage their hosting subscriptions on their own places. The providers own APIs will be abstracted with adapters.

Why all this? So you can set up a small web place in 30 seconds without getting locked into any one host.

Just recorded a quick S’update showing Place running on Linux, macOS, and Windows. And also ended up with one helluva rant about Microsoft and privacy (TL; DR: they hate you.)

If you missed our Small is Beautiful live stream with David Heinemeier Hansson today, the recording is now available to watch at

Starting around 17:30 UTC (in about 15 minutes) – S’update ­– a small update on what I’ve been working on today.

Watch live at:

A reminder that our live stream with special guest David Heinemeier Hansson is this Thursday at the special time of 12PM Cork/UTC, 1PM Copenhagen (UTC+1).

Mark your calendars :)

Watch live at:

S’update live stream starting in a few minutes… a small update on what I’ve been working on this week:

- Nano cryptocurrency
- Site.js update (sync)
- Place build using esbuild

Watch live at

Join in the studio (limited space) for questions, etc., at

My current office (waiting for Laura to return before we go recycle the bottles) :)

Small is Beautiful

Live stream: Our special guest this month is David Heinemeier Hansson (Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, HEY).

When: Thursday, March 18, 2021 @ 12PM Cork/UTC, 1PM Copenhagen (UTC +1)

(Note the special time for this episode.)

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