PS. Here it is if you want to use it. Just download it somewhere and add its path to the Icon field in your kitty.desktop file (GNOME/Ubuntu/etc.)

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Our car insurance is due to be renewed in April. This is what my Apple News feed looks like right now.

Apple protects your privacy my ass.

git diff (left) vs git-diff (right; alias git-diff="git difftool --no-symlinks --dir-diff") using Kitty terminal’s diff kitten and my custom dark colour scheme for the diff kitten (

Discovered kitty (terminal app) yesterday and it’s true: I’m one happy kitty 😺

(Might have procrastinated a tad to set it up just as I want it. Config:

PS. Tilix you served me well these past years and made not having iTerm bearable – thank you – but it’s time to say goodbye :)

Me: all this coronavirus news is stressing me out again, maybe I should pick up the guitar and improvise a relaxing riff…

Also me:

EU viker ned sig för techbolagen: ”Total kapitulation”

EU-kommissionens nya strategi för AI och data kommer leda oss mot ett ojämlikt, odemokratiskt och totalövervakat samhälle, menar cyberrättsaktivisten Aral Balkan.


I do like how my personal site greets me when I sign in via ssh ;)

w00t! 🎉 First successful run of Auto Encrypt (for Node.js) auto certificate provisioning via SNI using Let’s Encrypt’s production servers.

Progress on the new Node.js auto Let’s Encrypt library… now getting certs :)

Good day’s work on my new minimal automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate library. Looking forward to finally downloading those certs tomorrow :)

✅ Cup of tea
✅ RFC 8555
🔲 A new minimalistic and meticulously-tested library for Node.js for automatically provisioning Let’s Encrypt certificates (in progress)

Spring cleaning the source control server. Each entry is a single repo in the projects group from when were called (actually some are folders with the repos not shown and there’s six more pages worth in total… five years of learning about and iterating on the problem of individual sovereignty in the digital network age).

PS. Today I moved our source control repository to (the old URL will continue to work but please update your remotes).

Oh, I’m sorry, so how do you spend your Sunday evenings then? :P

The first place I’ve found real Malaysian satay in Europe. If you’re in Antwerp and want to try authentic Malaysian cuisine, get your tush over to Kuala Lumpur restaurant.

The lovely audience at Dig It Up conference in Antwerp.

Setting up for Dig It Up! conference in Antwerp. My talk starts is in a forty-five minutes.

You often hear the term “standing on the shoulders of giants” in programming. But you really grok what that means in free software.

Let me illustrate: the first screenshot is the lines of code that I’ve written for Site.js after almost a year of work on it: a little over 10,000.

The second screenshot is the lines of code in Site.js: a little over 412,000.

Standing on the shoulders of giants means being able to create something by creating 2.48% of it.

PS. Lots of <3 to Node, JS, npm folks.

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