Yay, the Bluetooth Quick Connect GNOME extension has been updated for GNOME 43.

(And I hope the GNOME folks copy it exactly for inclusion in GNOME 44.)

I might be building Domain (codeberg.org/domain/app) from scratch for the third time but it’s a joy to do so using Kitten (codeberg.org/kitten/app) and I think they’re both going to be better off for it.

Oh yeah, and there will be pink. LOTS of pink!

You’ve heard of lorem ipsum, now meet… *meta* lorem ipsum!

(I’ll show myself out.)

Yay, the latest Open Switcher Control flatpak has the new advanced chroma key controls for the Atem Mini Pro, etc.

One step closer to putting the old Macbook in a drawer forever :)


Also, excellent first-run GNOME Software experience on Fedora Silverblue 37. Had about 28 updates listed, everything installed beautifully (with lovely row slide/disappear animations for installed apps).

(There were first-run issues with GNOME Software on Fedora Silverblue 36.)

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Can’t wait to try out my Onewheel… now with 100% extra float plates and sidekicks (I got the mini fight fins before and love them too.) 😍

Update: just fixed my Owncast Small Tech green screen theme so chat bubbles also display correctly (and status indicators are also in colour now).

Please feel free to use the theme for your Owncast streams too.


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Finally found some time to make a green screen theme for Owncast’s standalone chat (read/write) so we can overlay it on video during our streams.

Feel free to use it for your streams too:


Thanks to your follows showing up in the chat feed, I’m also tweaking a green-sceeen overlay view for today’s steam :)

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Oh, you have 309 tests and 100% code coverage? That’s nice.


Well, that’ll be the last Cambridge Mask I ever buy, then. Releasing a “The Britannia” mask that’s “British Pride Personified” to celebrate Liz Truss becoming PM?

Get in the sea.

Coincidentally, if you’re looking for a quality mask, Airnium are having a flash sale right now:


Yep, the error message is itself erroneous (fun times). Continued with the install regardless and pressed the reboot button. Seemed stuck on a cursor. Turned it off and then back on again (drink!) and voila! :)

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The PineBook Pro is rather beautiful on the inside.

(Although I’d rather I was able to make it boot from an sd card without having to open it and unplug wires.) 👀

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