Wait a second, am I serving a secure web site with the full power of Node.js on a $150 PinePhone UBPorts Edition using Site.js 14.2.0 Alpha (sitejs.org) and ngrok?

I think I might be! :awesome:

Ooh, is that an alpha ARM64 build of Site.js running on the $200 PineBook Pro?

Why yes, yes I believe it is.

If any of you want to have a play:

wget -qO- sitejs.org/install | bash -s -- alpha

Just released Site.js version 14.1.1

Fixed HTTP → HTTPS redirects for global servers.

So if someone hits your site via HTTP, they will get redirected to HTTPS. Since your site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), any future HTTP requests will be forwarded to HTTPS by your browser.

Your production servers will auto update within the next six hours. To update now, ssh into your VPS and run:

site restart

Enjoy! :)


Just released Site.js version 14.1.0

- Local servers can now be accessed over the local area network via IPv4 and serve the local root certificate authority’s public key at http://<IPv4>/.ca (so you can now test with multiple devices without having to expose your server over the Internet via ngrok, etc.)

- Local servers also now redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

- Added --skip-domain-reachability-check flag to enable automated VPS server setup prior to DNS propagation.


Just released Site.js version 14.0.1

Re-introduces automatic HTTP → HTTPS redirection for your servers (this feature was accidentally removed with the move to Auto Encrypt in the 13.0.0 release).

Here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend :)


✅ Lights!
✅ Camera!
✅ Watch live at: heyst.ac/live

@LauraKalbag on using the web for social good.

Starts in about five minutes.

Here’s the video of my talk “Beyond surveillance capitalism: alternatives, stopgaps, Small Web, and Site.js.” from Creative Mornings Istanbul on Friday.

Edited to fix the audio sync issue, add captions, chapters, and links to all the mentioned tools, etc.

Enjoy + please share! :)


Up early editing the closed captions for my talk last week at Creative Mornings Istanbul using Liz Jackson’s excellent Thisten (thisten.co).

The initial automated transcription was excellent and the editor is a work of art :)

Wow, so impressed that Vimeo’s uploader shows tiny thumbnails from the video based on where it is in the upload. Such great attention to detail (and that wasn’t trivial to implement).

Man, Lightworks does not fuck around when rendering video 👀

Site.js version 14.0.0 released.

Breaking change:

- Removed --exit-on-sync flag.
- New default behaviour of sync is to sync and exit, not start a Live Sync server.
- If you want to start a Live Sync server that watches for changes to your content and syncs them to your deployment server, please use the new --live-sync flag.


- Sync no longer builds/deploys Hugo drafts.

Have a play at sitejs.org

New blog post: How to use the Zoom malware safely on Linux if you absolutely have to

“When I agreed to speak at Creative Mornings Istanbul tomorrow, I didn’t know they were holding the event over Zoom. I guess it’s fitting that the series I’m speaking at is called Insecure.“


Site.js version 13.0.4 released.

Fixes a bug with the archival cascade.

(The archival cascade is a very useful feature for an evergreen web where we don’t break existing links on the web – learn more here: github.com/small-tech/site.js#)

You can install Site.js and start playing with your own Small Web site in under a minute at sitejs.org

Site.js version 13.0.3 released with two bug fixes for sync when used with the new integrated Hugo static site generator feature.

If you already have Site.js, run:

site update

Otherwise, you can install it and play around with the getting started tutorials at:


The latest version of Site.js took me four months to release not just because of general world-wide what-the-fuckery but also because I wrote a Let’s Encrypt library for Node.js called Auto Encrypt from scratch.

Left: SSL Labs report for my site running Site.js before Auto Encrypt (B). Right: after Auto Encrypt (A+)

Auto Encrypt does one thing and one thing well: it automatically encrypts your Node https server.

If you want to have a play, here it is: github.com/small-tech/auto-enc

Site.js version 13.0.2 released.

Fixes an issue where certificate provisioning would fail for certain domains.

If you want to play with a Small Web construction set this weekend, you can get started literally in seconds with the basic tutorials on the new site:


Site.js version 13.0.1 released.

Multiple fixes (including two regressions in 13.0.0 affecting daemons).

If you want to play with a Small Web construction set this weekend, you can get started literally in seconds with the basic tutorials on the new site:


Ooh, look what just arrived.

(It’s the PinePhone UB Ports edition.)

Looking forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts once I’ve had more of a play with it.

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