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Custom error pages for Indie Web Server

I just released Indie Web Server version 6.3.0 with nicer default 404 and 500 error pages and support for custom ones.

Upcoming talks: April

6th: Singapore – Straits Times Education Forum. I’ll be debating for the motion “Entrepreneurs today do more harm than good.”

26th: Hamburg – EuropaCamp: React. Act. Democracy! I will be speaking on Small Technology.

On the left, the 45W charger that came with my Dell XPS 13. On the right, the 45W Mu charger I just got for it.

It weighs almost nothing.


All set up for my opening keynote at CPH:DOX Art, Technology, and Change conference.

The other great thing about the Mu charger: there’s a package that comes with EU, UK, and US ends. And they’re all as small as they can be (Mu made its name by designing a folding UK plug a few years ago – the UK adapter is pictured in the photo) :)

Should not be adding any more slides to this talk but I just made an exception to mention @FuckOffGoogle – a great example of what I’m calling “social regulation” (contrast with legislative regulation and technological regulation) of surveillance capitalists.

We start winning this war when they start becoming socially unacceptable. So it was with Big Tobacco, so it shall be with Big Data and Big Tech.

So do tell them to “fuck off” whenever you get the chance – time for being polite is over.

Just picked up a Hyper Drive (portable 11 port USB-C hub) and a tiny Mu charger for my laptop at the airport. These two are going to make travelling/presenting considerably and lighter and simpler :)

(Not to mention it’s called Hyper Drive like the Hyperdrive DAT module, which makes me love it more.)


Today on “use Apple Maps, experience a surprise car ferry trip…”

Just ordered an Elmo MX-1 portable visualiser so hopefully my live demonstrations on mobile will look better in the future (tried it with my webcam at my talk in Lille on Thursday and it wasn’t ideal – it’s a great webcam but not for close-up work).

Very cool feature of kiosk at Paris Charles De Gaul airport: scan your boarding pass and it tells you where to go.

(The demo mode doesn’t make it clear you can do this though and nobody was using it when I was there.)

What’s going to happen to our data, our democracy, our planet? The topics of Le Grand Barouf Numérique introduced by Clémentine, president of the assembly.

At Le Grand Barouf Numérique. Already met and spoke to some wonderful and fascinating people working for progressive social change. Doing the closing keynote tomorrow.

Next stop Lille, where I’ll be presenting the closing keynote on Small Technology at Le Grand Barouf Numérique organised by the The European Metropolis of Lille.

Phew… it’s taken several whole days of slog but I just completed the presentation for Lille – 163 slides from scratch in HTML/JS/CSS/SVG ( really are the dog’s bollocks – kudos – and OBS Studio is just on a different level.) Still have the live demos to rehearse, etc., but can do that on the flight/train/there.

Now, sleep. So glad I get to before 00:30 :)


Open Broadcaster Software Studio is amazing! (Video)

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) is an amazing free software realtime switcher for live streaming and recording that works across all major platforms including Linux.

I used it to record my Introducing Indie Web Server video this week. Right after that, I also recorded the second short video in the link to show you my setup

Happy to see Panopticlick testing with real trackers now. Second screenshot is the result with @better

However, not unblocking trackers that honor Do Not Track should not be a negative. DNT is fundamentally broken unless, under GDPR, it is interpreted as valid communication of lack of consent for all tracking (which it should be).

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