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How-to: use OS icons to differentiate between different Distrobox containers in Fedora Silverblue (fish shell with tide prompt) 

Final version:

source ~/.config/fish/functions/
_tide_detect_os | read -g --line tide_os_icon

if not set -q 'DISTROBOX_ENTER_PATH'; and not set -q 'TOOLBOX_PATH'
# This is the core Fedora Silverblue session. Show a lock to
# indicate its immutable.
set -g tide_os_icon "🔒 " "$tide_os_icon"

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The Bluetooth Quick Connect extension ( should be built-in functionality in GNOME.

It’s a hugely cumbersome process, otherwise, to connect to headphones that you’ve already paired (especially if you also use them with your phone, etc.)

One of my little morning joys: a little local Purple Cloud lavender honey in my porridge.

One of the tastiest honeys I’ve had and made right here in Kilkenny in Ireland.

Funny how we used to tweet in the old days when Tweets started with your name: Aral … is something, something.

My new development/streaming setup is starting to take shape. Still need better cable management but getting there. Everything’s plugged in and running, at least :)

Going from two laptops and 2 external screens (4 screens total) to 1 desktop with 2 external screens. Having the multiview close on an arm let’s me use it as my monitor while streaming so I go directly into the Atem with 2 HDMIs and a DisplayPort to my main screen. Fedora Silverblue with GNOME 42 didn’t even blink; just worked :)

Wow, ok, this is freaky.

New computer. Fedora Silverblue 36. Not signed into anything. Location services is on (using Mozilla location services). I’ve been living in Ireland now for 3+ years.

I open GNOME Maps app. I grant it location access. I press the “Go to current location” button.

It goes to the exact location of the home we had in Malmö, Sweden.

What. The. Fuck?

OK, so I have no idea how that’s possible. Mozilla must have somehow cached that location but how do they know it’s me?

So my new computer is a borg cube ;)

(And entirely silent. And running latest Fedora Silverblue 36 beta with GNOME 42. Amazingly smooth, polished, and stable experience so far.)

I have as much empathy for Germany’s projected first-world problems (should they do the right thing and cut gas imports from Russia) as Germany had for Greece during the financial crisis.

And Greece wasn’t actively funding a genocide in Europe at the time.

Neat: dictionary in Terminal.

npm install --global word-lookup

Then, in Terminal (e.g.)

define radical

Me trying to view upcoming events to see if I want to book at a local venue.

I guess not.

(Folks, don’t let Facebook hold your businesses hostage to their surveillance. Not all of us are willing to be tracked by Meta, Inc., for the privilege of patronising your establishment.)

In case you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet on the NodeKit* front: (a) there’s a bloody genocide taking place on our doorstep (b) I’ve undertaken a major refactor to evolve it from being a functional prototype to a maintainable tool.


Everyone: I can’t wait until Silicon Valley’s cars drive us around everywhere.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley:

School kids protesting the invasion of Ukraine in Kilkenny, Ireland.

So Twitter has suspended me for calling Michael O’Leary (Ryanair) a cunt for profiteering from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

I’ve had to delete my tweet in order to be let back in.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise. Michael O’Leary is not a cunt. I was wrong to call Michael O’Leary a cunt. Please do not call Michael O’Leary a cunt.

To make amends, I will post “Michael O’Leary is not a cunt” every day for the next 100 days.

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