EU Commission’s latest attempt to backdoor your privacy tries the Trump era William Barr justice department “think of the children” playbook.

No one thinks we shouldn’t do everything in our power to combat child sexual abuse. Some of us just don’t want to destroy the fundamental human right to privacy (and every other human right that’s based on it) in the process.

Fucking hell, as some of you have pointed out in the comments, also, it’s tied to my router. I have the same router I had in Malmö. If this is not a GDPR violation, I have no idea what is.

So Mozilla – Defender of Privacy™ – is storing my location history, tied to my router, without ever having gotten consent from me to do so.

This is a fucking scandal.

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How people use the tools you make is none of your goddamn business. If they want to tell you, they’ll tell you. If not, keep your fucking nose out of it.

The built-in Firefox also defaults to their own start page and has Google search on it.

All this has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Privacy-conscious folks should look elsewhere.

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Sorry, I’ve deleted my Zorin OS tweet. I hadn’t realised that Zorin OS sends a ping from your computer every hour with a unique identifier.

No way I can recommend you install it as long as this is the case.

Why do people do such things? *smh*

Spyware literally sending people to prison.

Meanwhile, some galaxy brain somewhere: I have nothing to hide. I am very intelligent.

If you had told me “Apple is just the same as Google on privacy” six years ago, you would have been wrong because they were incomparably better (

If you were to tell me the same thing today, you would still be wrong. Because when they implement client-side scanning, they will actually be worse (

Never forget: No trillion-dollar corporation is your friend.

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Apple is slowly boiling frogs on client-side scanning.

They got a backlash when they announced everything they were planning all at once so now they’re drip feeding it, hoping you won’t notice.

(According to Apple’s justification, none of this will involve a violation of your privacy. Apple won’t know what phrase exactly was matched as it will simply have been given a list of hashes of “phrases used by terrorists” by the Turkish government and that should make you feel better once you’re out in a few years and can use it again.)

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Say your self-driving car had client-side scanning like Apple’s phones, tablets, and computers will soon do… how would that work?

So in Turkey, for example, instead of issuing a long-winded command like “Siri, take me to the nearest police station”, you could mutter “Fuck Erdoğan!” and the car would understand.

It would work the same way in your “smart” home…

Smart tech is so cool, right? Ever wondered who’s getting smarter about whom?

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Laura’s talk at PrivacyWeek Austria is about to start: “People might actually use this”

Watch live:

So I just watched the

The new MacBook Pro is a phenomenal device.

Will I buy one?

Hell no.

Why not?

Because Apple is planning on fundamentally violating our privacy by implementing client-side scanning.

So I no longer trust them.

Framasoft are one of the few no-bullshit, non-Silicon Valley organisations working to protect your freedoms online and they’ve been hugely supportive of us since the very beginning.

Please support them if you can.

This really sucks (read thread). And has told me more than I need to know about CalyxOS. Won’t be looking into it any further as a potential alternative (microG is a deal-breaker for any longer-term solution anyway).

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