You’ve got nothing to hide so you’ve got nothing to fear, right?

“A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal.”

(Remember Apple was/is(?) going to implement this sort of scanning by default on all your devices.)

“EU GDPR enforcement against Big Tech is paralysed by Ireland’s failure to deliver draft decisions on cross-border cases. Ireland’s failure to uphold the GDPR has allowed surveillance to remain the default business model of the digital world.”

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I don’t understand what the story is here. If the USB stick was properly encrypted, as the article appears to state, the data is not “lost”. The loss of the USB stick itself is incidental.

IAB Europe’s consent popups are unlawful

“IAB Europe ‘was aware of risks linked to non-compliance’ and ‘was negligent.’”

IAB Europe is the online advertising industry’s (aka adtech aka the folks I call “people farmers” trade body)

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This issue summarises the issue and suggests a good solution (to have an option to override just the color-scheme setting without disabling fingerprint resistance in general).

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Right, so there is such a thing as going too far… this should at least be a configurable option so that folks who want web sites to adapt to their system light/dark mode settings can have that.

There’s a line between protecting people and being paternalistic. And I can’t believe I’m the one having to say this but privacy isn’t the only concern when designing (e.g., in this case you might be overriding someone’s accessibility preferences).

There’s private and then there’s Mozilla “private™”

Mozilla’s new Firefox Translations extension is totally offline. Totally. Totally Mozilla offline.

What would Firefox be if it was private by default?

It would be LibreWolf.

A privacy conference sponsored by Google and Meta is like a healthcare conference sponsored by Phillip Morris or a climate change conference sponsored by ExxonMobil. In other words, it is bullshit.

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Why is your privacy fucked? You should go ask at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference where the brightest minds in the field meet, sponsored by Google and Meta.

EU Commission’s latest attempt to backdoor your privacy tries the Trump era William Barr justice department “think of the children” playbook.

No one thinks we shouldn’t do everything in our power to combat child sexual abuse. Some of us just don’t want to destroy the fundamental human right to privacy (and every other human right that’s based on it) in the process.

Fucking hell, as some of you have pointed out in the comments, also, it’s tied to my router. I have the same router I had in Malmö. If this is not a GDPR violation, I have no idea what is.

So Mozilla – Defender of Privacy™ – is storing my location history, tied to my router, without ever having gotten consent from me to do so.

This is a fucking scandal.

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How people use the tools you make is none of your goddamn business. If they want to tell you, they’ll tell you. If not, keep your fucking nose out of it.

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