It’s lovely to see projects like using Auto Encrypt (@small-tech/auto-encrypt). If you know of any others, do let me know. I’d love to mention them in the readme and in my talks.

Folks, if you’re using @small-tech/auto-encrypt in your projects, please make sure you’re running the latest version of the package (3.1.0) or certificate provisioning/renewal will fail due to the latest Let’s Encrypt protocol update.

If you missed our Small is Beautiful live stream with special guests @tychi and Michael Toomim, you can now watch the recording at:

(We talked about Small Web, Kitten, DWeb Camp, and Braid.)

CC @laura

Update: just fixed my Owncast Small Tech green screen theme so chat bubbles also display correctly (and status indicators are also in colour now).

Please feel free to use the theme for your Owncast streams too.

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Join Laura, me, and our special guests TyChi and Michael Toomim live in one hour (5PM Dublin Time; UTC+1) to talk Small Web, DWeb Camp, and Braid (the HTTP synchronisation protocol).

Finally found some time to make a green screen theme for Owncast’s standalone chat (read/write) so we can overlay it on video during our streams.

Feel free to use it for your streams too:

Join us for our live stream tomorrow at 5PM Irish time (UTC+1) with special guests @tychi and Michael Toomim to talk about Small Web, the recent DWeb Camp and Braid. I will also be demonstrating the latest Kitten updates.

Full info:

Stream link:

CC @laura

Note: if you already have Owncast installed via Site.js, please follow the upgrade instructions for 0.0.11 instead of installing it again using Site.js so as to keep your database, etc.

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Site.js 17.8.0 released.

- Updates the version of Owncast installed with site enable --owncast to the latest (0.0.12)

Just released JavaScript Database (JSDB) version 2.1.0

Added: exposes compactOnLoad and alwaysUseLineByLineLoads options to

(JSDB is a zero-dependency, transparent, in-memory, streaming write-on-update JavaScript database for the Small Web that persists to a JavaScript transaction log.)

So what do y’all think about this for all the code you need for a basic POST/redirect/GET guestbook web app with Kitten?

Does it all make sense?

Basically, you run kitten on that directory and hit https://localhost.

(Note: Kitten is not ready for use yet. I think the core design is solid now though. You can play with it but I’m only starting to work on the developer experience now. Should be far nicer in the next few weeks.)

Airone, a JSDB-style database in Rust, “aimed at helping small-tech to be produced, which is a way of building technology antithetical to the Silicon Valley model. Small-tech features close-to-zero data collection, a free and open source structure to achieve good transparency, no lust to scale exponentially, no desire in tracking people's behaviour while crunching tons of data and, overall, it has a goal to keep things simple and human.”


JavaScript Database (JSDB) version 2.0.6 (ESM) and 1.2.3 (CJS) released.


- Crash when key contains single quote
- npm warnings


ESM: npm i @small-tech/jsdb
CJS: npm i @small-tech/jsdb@cjs

(JSDB is a zero-dependency, transparent, in-memory, streaming write-on-update JavaScript database for the Small Web that persists to a JavaScript transaction log.)

Learn more:

Lipstick on a Pig version 1.0.1 released

- Fixes bat plugin

(Lipstick on a Pig makes command-line apps follow your light/dark mode settings on GNOME.)

Just got deployments working on Kitten for the first time. This little kitty is shaping up just fine (still have loads to do before it’s ready for general use but it’s getting there) :)

LibRedirect really gives you a taste of what the web could have been like had it not developed under capitalism.

(Thanks to everyone who suggested it to me here. I really feel the difference when I’m on my iPhone and I’m like, wait, why did the web become shit all of a sudden?) :)

Small is Beautiful #21: Lipstick on a Pig and what it can teach us about the most important lesson in design.

If you missed today’s live stream, you can watch the recording here:

Auto-encrypt localhost version 7.1.0 released

(Automatically provisions valid localhost certificates for Node.js development servers.)

Added: support for automatic NSS Tools (certutil) installation on Fedora (via dnf)

Just submitted my grant application for our Domain project to NLnet for their User-Operated Internet Fund.

I believe the process for public funding should itself be public so you can read the entire submission on my blog (with better formatting than the text-only original submission, a video, and pictures) and I’ll be posting future communication there also:

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