Small is Beautiful live stream today at 5PM IST (UTC+1):

What we’ve learned so far: lessons from eight(ish) years of working against the grain of mainstream technology.

Small is Beautiful live stream tomorrow at 5PM IST (UTC+1):

What we’ve learned so far: lessons from eight(ish) years of working against the grain of mainstream technology.

Watching someone play Diablo on my TV thanks to a single-tenant Small Web app called Owncast mostly developed by one person.

And tonight I’m being interviewed by a Turkish journalist for whom I set up a backup Owncast server in case her main YouTube channel gets censored by the Turkish government.

Imagine what we could achieve if we actually funded these efforts.

Small Is Beautiful – live stream – starts in a little over half an hour.

Topics covered: web3, web0, NodeKit, Domain…

Ready for my talk at the Department of Art & Media Technology, University of Southampton.

Just finished preparing for my presentation at the University of Southampton tomorrow.

Looking forward to presenting the inaugural talk for a new department in a series aimed at shaping department policy on technology.



You’ve heard of but have you heard of ? Or the Small Web?

Come find out if personhood and democracy can best be defended via racist monkey avatars and right-libertarian get rich quick schemes or simply by all of us owning and controlling our own digital and networked places.

(I’ll release the video following the talk.)

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Looking forward to presenting the inaugural address on next week at a series of talks at the University of Southampton Department of Art & Media Technology aimed, in part, to shape department policy and organised by department head @adamprocter

Skatetricks Progression

Love to skate? Keep track of your progress with this nifty little logbook app by @der_On

On the Small Web, we don’t care about vertical scale (we’ll leave obsessing over that to the psychopaths that run Silicon Valley).

“But will it scale?” Yes. But horizontally, non-colonially, and without making anyone a billionaire.

By the way, when I say that’s all the code. I mean that’s ALL the code in the whole project:

Run `nodekit` on that folder, get the result in the browser.

No scaffolding. No configuration. No bundlers.

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So I just got this running. This is all the code you need to display a basic fediverse public timeline using NodeKit right now.

(If you remove the CSS, that’s 31 lines. That’s it. That’s the WHOLE APP!) :)

Node’s (experimental) VM Module functionality is awesome. Just rewrote the NodeScript feature in NodeKit to use it (and replace my initial “write to file system and import” hack).

What’s NodeKit?

By the way, sorry, I keep writing small-web in the GitHub URL instead of small-tech.

The working link for the NodeKit repository is:

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This is how much code it takes in NodeKit to create a server-side rendered page that uses Svelte and persists to a database.

Watch the whole video at:

NodeKit update: what’s changed since last week (instant server starts, the nodekit command, etc.)

I love that NodeKit builds in under half a second thanks to the magic of esbuild. I plan to keep that characteristic as it matures :)

(The web apps you serve with NodeKit have no build stage.)

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