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@walruslifestyle @aral On the other hand: if it is too difficult to cope with an impairment/disability , it is better not being too hard on yourself and have some mercy. Actually those tech companies should be fined for abuse, making everyone impaired and exploiting people with limited senses.

@walruslifestyle @aral Last year I needed hearing aids. The newest can be combined with apps, that connect your aids to your phone or ipad. Also you can ajust the volumes with it. I didn't take them either, I choose aids without apps instead.

Now I’m rocking my own Mastodon instance-of-one thanks to @mastohost. I’ll be way more active now too!

How to enable the Browse Files setting in GSConnect (and a suggestion for adding a principle to the @gnome design principles section of the human interface guidelines: Your application should work by default.)

@aral speaking as someone with a severe visual impairment, I will cope with it before I submit to using technology like that.

@aral I have many similar experiences, like yesterday on ..

I call them #cookie #hell #darkpatterns

To disable (maximum) cookies on this site you have to visit 38 individual ad provider sites, 24 ad providers do not allow cookie disabling, and only 15 honor the site's disable-all switch 😭


It’s not close to compliant, and there are tons of sites afoul of it, and YES, we all need to start reporting these sites to our authorities instead of just ignoring their blatant sidestepping of the law and our rights.

For those in France, here’s where you report them:

If this is GDPR compliant, then let's scrap the GDPR. If not, it sounds like we need volunteers to report @buzzfeed to their national information commissioners.

Surveillance capitalism is evil. Nowhere is this more clearly visible than in the 'choice' it gives people with disabilities: either forgo access or resign yourself to having your human right to privacy violated. See as long as we see what you see, hear as long as we hear…

Crafting a continuous-client desktop/mobile experience on Linux with GSConnect

“I’ve found sending files between my devices easier to use and more reliable than AirDrop.”

I've just discovered the GSConnect Gnome Shell extension and my life has gotten infinitely better :)

Works like a charm with my S9+ running LineageOS.

I’m truly blown away by the amazing work in this ecosystem that rivals and, at times, surpasses in execution and usability the efforts of multibillion-dollar corporate entities. Now to see if we can get folks to take a stand against surveillance capitalism and implement private defaults. I really hope so.

When alcohol literally makes you see things.

A beautiful example of augmented reality from 19 Crimes. (And the wine isn't half bad either.) ;)

Fabrica Evergreen Web (FEW) is a WordPress plugin that implements the 404 → 302* ‘evergreen web’ technique

Thanking Andrew at YesWeWork ( for making this :)

* For more info on 404 → 302, see

"I cannot deprive a rock of its freedom or its life, I cannot emotionally or physically hurt a rock, and yet I can do all those things to people. When we posit what is permissible to do with data, if we are not specific in whether we are talking about rocks or people, one of those two groups is going to get the short end of the stick and it's not going to be the rocks." by @aral

"You cannot base a public good on a normalised systemic violation of human rights." by @aral

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