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Got @better to stop crashing on El Capitan and got the introduction popover to display properly (pro-tip: you must have an image for the Any slot in an asset catalogue, even if it is a copy of the Light state – adding just Light and Dark isn’t enough; your image just won’t show up on El Capitan – no warning, nothing. Also, if you have constraint warnings, fix them. Looks like Mojave fixes certain things intelligently; El Capitan sits back and roasts a marshmallow on the embers of your dreams.)

The quest to design an ethical social media platform – Jennifer Johnson on The Week

How lovely to see such a nice article on Mastodon and ethical design in The Week from the journalist that @laura introduced to Mastodon.


Hello fediverse,
what would you think about #hambibleibt starts to switch from surveillance capitalist proprietary centralistic platforms such as #facebook and #twitter to an self organized federated alternative such as the fediverse?
Would anyone be interested in building up a campaign that connects both struggles?
#hambibleibt got mainstream attention (in germany) and international attention.
(movment that is protecting a forest under the motto 'system change not climate change)

There are a lot of tech folks who would rather be solving pressing real world problems instead of helping techbros and VCs get richer. I'd love to be a part of facilitating that exodus. #thinkingoutloud #latestagecapitalism

Periodic reminder that I'm still in the market for an apartment in #Berlin, and looking for *any* opportunity and/or referral to people you know, including boosts. ❤️
From 65m², 3 rooms, and up to €1300 rent incl. heating, preferably inside of S-Bahn-Ring are the primary criteria. Pleeease hit me up. We are very nice renters — promise!

Very frustrating day seeing the app that compiles without warnings & runs perfectly on Mojave fall to pieces on El Capitan. Like literally there’s just this storyboard being loaded into a popover, no code, and the thing falls apart. Not to mention an outlet that’s a weak reference like all others that crashes on El Capitan. And can I actually build/debug on El Capitan? No, as latest Xcode doesn’t run on it!

Once I do manage (somehow) to fix these, we only support current + previous, like Xcode.

I love how Google employees are walking out today because Google’s core business model – that which makes the company its hundreds of billions and pays their salaries (surveillance/profiling) – is unethical.

Oh, wait…

'The Government has announced the organisations that will sit on the Executive Board of a new national body to tackle online harms in the UK. The UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) is the successor to the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), with an expanded scope to improve online safety for everyone in the UK.'

Members include GCHQ, Facebook, the IWF... Every well connected fox in town gets to guard the henhouse, it seems.

I’ve spent most of today installing El Capitan on a VM and then installing El Capitan updates one after another because Better has a crash on El Capitan.

For iOS our support policy is the current release + the previous release.

Not sure if we should adopt the same for macOS…

This is a reminder that "smart" technologies (the new term for IoT) can usually be interpreted correctly as "trackable RL behavior" technologies. See Nest, whose server data has been requested by warrant 300+ times [1]. Nest does home security cameras with motion detection as well as thermostats.

Because most "smart" devices route all their data via web-based services (for remote monitoring, etc) that data is easily subpoena'd by law enforcement.


found this amazing little story at the bottom of the man page for bwbasic, the BASIC interpreter installed on

Thanks, Mrs. Verda Spell!

Reminder that taking that cushy looking job at Google or Facebook makes you complicit in world's greatest mass erosion of privacy at scale. You can say goodbye to any of your side projects, too.

(Mind you, since you can self-host Mastodon, you should really verify links yourself instead of relying on a cosmetic feature as I could have just faked that via a bit of CSS.) ;)

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Ooh, would you look at that? A verified link on my Mastodon account via rel=“me” (available in 2.6.0+) :)

(If you already had the rel=“me” in place before upgrading to 2.6.0, edit and save your profile again for the verification routine to run and update your profile.)


> This is coming right after the reCAPTCHA v3 announcement
> Sorry, you don't have enough Google Points to browse the web. Please enable JavaScript and install Google Chrome

We are at a point where we have to prove ourselves innocent by opting to be victims of whatever the powerful demands.

So, critic William Sitwell resigned from his position editing Waitrose Food, following his bizarre outburst the other day, after a reader suggested a vegan cooking column. Here's her perspective:

Spending the early evening carving pumpkins with my gf. Nailed it!

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