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One who pays some attention to history will not be surprised if those who cry most loudly that we must smash and destroy are later found among the administrators of some new system of repression.
-- Noam Chomsky

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It's not in any regards a valid excuse.

Google and similar companies are bad actors. Yes they contribute to Linux and other oss but again it's not an excuse to accept there money.

I'm fine to pay my ticket not to whitewash google and co

I totally support Aral position.

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@aral @privacylab @mozilla @mozfestprivsec @exodus @fdroidorg I take a strong stance against Google apps+services, personally and professionally, and often at odds with other crypto/privacy trainers.

I did not bring up Mozilla Google funding, but I'm happy to do so if there's a next time. I did criticize #Mozfest for the trackers in the Guidebook app (see "The Elephant In The Room" slide).

I very much appreciate you keeping honesty in the privacy discussion. I try to do that too.


@aral @privacylab @mozilla @mozfestprivsec Thanks Aral! There will be more as I talk about this topic often; I'm sure some will be recorded but the only one I know is my LibrePlanet 2018 talk.

I can assure you I don't hold back in regard to Google surveillance, in this presentation or others :) One of the slides has the @exodus stats showing Google services as the most pervasive trackers, followed by Facebook, and I recommend @fdroidorg over Google Play. etc. etc.


Also, thank you all for your feedback on macOS pricing. It does sound like there is very little difference on Mac between €1.99 and €4.99 so I think we’re going to set the price back to the latter and see how it goes. The difference may be small individually but it does really make a difference in our ability to pay the rent :)

Just submitted both the macOS and iOS versions of Better 2018.2 to Apple for review. Should be with you soon :)

New blocking rules! On 3rd November 2018, Laura fixed seven broken sites, blocked four blocker blockers, and blocked twenty-six new trackers.

To get the new rules, open the app on iOS, or choose ‘Update rules’ from the menu on macOS.

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I totally understand your position. I also told myself that this involvement with the Decentralized devroom was my last attempt at bringing back politics to free software. I already spent a lot of energy doing it, and if there's no way to make technicians realize the situation and understand their power and responsibility, then so be it, I have other things to do in my life than fighting lost battles.

Coming soon… @better 2018.2 :)

Also wondering if we should set the price of the Mac app back to €4.99. The alternate Tier 1 (lowest) pricing we set it to with the new design has it at €1.99. I’m wondering if the difference actually affects anyone’s decision to get it on Mac (because while the difference in pricing isn’t much on its own, it makes a big difference to what we make and thus our ability to keep working on it).


Another nice blocking rules update coming to @better soon thanks to the hard work of @laura – just looking into merging the changes and deploying it now.

Also: 2018.2 is just around the corner for both iOS and macOS apps. In code freeze.

@garbados Theoretically we could just use NPM solely with individually-hosted git repos and git versioning. Beyond linking to other people’s repos, encouraging a culture of forking and only using your own forks would make the system less fragile (this is what I try to do in my projects). The NPM tool supports decentralised use via git. The problem seems to be overcoming the convenience of centralised package hosting. Not sure how a p2p protocol like DAT would fix that particular issue.

NPM is VC-backed which just makes me nervous

You can lead a horse to the fediverse but you can’t make him not fuck the cube…

Why am I still awake even?


@better Right, fixed the other remaining El Capitan issues with @better

One (where Settings were not being saved) was actually not a bug with the app but an issue with the OS when uninstalling/reinstalling apps during development that you can workaround by rebooting or restarting the preferences daemon (killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd).

The other was the NSScrollView of an NSTextView not setting its contentInsets properly. Workaround was to set them on the Clip View inside it instead.


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