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If it's not an endorsement, what is it? It's certainly not an indictment and it isn't neutrality. Just because you aren't an active co-conspirator doesn't mean you are not complicit. I don't think innocent bystanders knowingly take donations from perpetrators.

I just wrote to the Electronic Freedom Foundation about their partnership with Google. #EFF #boycottEFF #defundEFF

thanks for the tip @schestowitz & @kavbojka

Just finished Mathias Buus and Emil Bay’s absolutely marvellous “Learn To Crypto” workshop and feeling so much more confident with the basic primitives of sodium-native.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Find/take it online here:

You can also check out my work files if you get stuck (I tagged the later examples):

Collecting artwork along the lines of "Privacy/Crypto is not a crime!" for my upcoming court hearing this Monday 11th Feb. at Hendon Magistrates' Court, UK.

If anyone has anything or can point to something I can use under 'fair use' it would be super-massively appreciated!

(Background: five and a half years ago the UK National Crime/Clown Agency seized a bunch of my stuff and have since refused to return it or grant me copies or supervised access on the basis of encryption. This is not cool.)

So, as I was saying, about the UN:

“CIA-linked software* firm Palantir will help the UN’s World Food Programme analyse its data in a new partnership worth $45 million”

* surveillance

via @laura

🎮 Flossy GNU takes flight! We are happy to announce our forthcoming partnership with GDquest – one that we hope will make the world a happier, more fun place. #FlossyGNU

I can understand journalists not having the ability to effect change in a publication’s dodgy practices and funding model.

But this article is written by “The Editorial Board.”

So @laura has recovered after complications from the flu and we have our first @better blocking rules update for 2019.

(Rather uniquely, we curate our own block rules based on the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto, which is not an easy undertaking for a two-person not-for-profit, especially as sites have started to bundle their functionality with their trackers via CDNs, etc. To any developers enabling this, ask yourselves, “are we the baddies?”)

I totally agree that size is not the issue and that shielding programme from sponsorship is required. But why would Palantir be a problem and not Google or Microsoft? In this moment of history, these latter two are at least as problematic as the former. By accepting them as legitimate sponsors, we grant them a legitimacy that they do not deserve.
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And beware that #Google is pretty aware of this. #Fuchsia is not just an attempt to remove an annoying kernel under #copyleft from its business dependencies. It's not even just an attempt to get rid of annoying #hackers like Linus, that dare to review their code.

It's an attempt to disrupt before being disrupted.
They know this crap is not going to last.
Google want to be in charge of the next Web.
If they succeed we will face a new version of this distopia, a stable one.

If you understand why the American Lung Association would never be sponsored by Philip Morris but you don’t see a problem with a CopyLeft/FSF-sponsored conference also sponsored by Google, either you do not see CopyLeft/FSF as the American Lung Association or Google as Philip Morris. Given that the latter is a valid analogy, maybe we need an Ethical Technology Foundation that _is_ the equivalent of the ALA so it’s equally unthinkable that they would be sponsored by the Philip Morris of tech.

United Nations… figures… neoliberal bastards.

spike progress: always-on node is now relaying ephemeral messages to both browsers (via WebSocket) and native nodes (via TCP) in addition to browser-to-browser (via WebRTC).

Next: deduplication (due to messages being both relayed and peer replicated) and encryption.

If you have submitted patches (or translations) to Mastodon before and they've become part of the software, you can go here:

And submit an invoice for your work 💰

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