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Transcript follows as it will not fit in the alt text of the image:

module.exports.testEmail = function (email) {

/* Email addresses are not compulsory in Let’s Encrypt. However, Greenlock.js, the library that ACME TLS was forked from, decided to make them required (because surveillance capitalism). That decision also permeated into the other modules (like storage) which use the email address as an identifier.

Instead of gutting the whole damn thing, what we’re doing is overloading the email…

Your code has consequences, people. Stop putting your own needs before the needs of the people who use the tools you make.

Also, this might be the first time Lily Allen has been quoted in code. Maybe. Probably not.


Forget the media, they are irrelevant.

Look at the history of e.g. smallpox, which killed 30% of infected people as recently as the 1970s. It is now eradicated from the planet thanks to vaccination.

The first vaccine against smallpox was way back in the 1700s, by deliberately giving people the much milder cowpox (that's where the name vaccine comes from, vacca means cow).

We have centuries of experience of vaccines, they work. There are *no* medical orgs that oppose them.

Towards a slow tech movement: building for tech justice

Via/by @kavbojka and The Collective for Liberation, Ecology, and Technology – a small, woman-owned collective that works to maintain, develop, extend, and promote open tools and documentation for communication and organization.

And contains this gem: “As Anand Giridharadas so eloquently describes … capitalism keeps offering us ‘solutions’ to the problems that it caused in the first place.”

Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.
-- Virginia Woolf

#anarchism #quote #bot

What’s the state of email newsletter services nowadays? Is there any service differentiating itself on being privacy-respecting? (No tracking/analytics/short URLs.) I’ve been looking, but all the services I find seem to be all about maximum-tracking. *sigh*

Oh I deleted my gmail account, I’m trying this new thing called email. It’s like gmail but federated.

The antidote to #BigTech is #SmallTech: a must-read by @aral, footnotes included...
Or, as @ton puts it, "Small Tech Provides Agency, Big Tech Takes It Away".

I just wrote a post on how I remapped the glyphs on a single key on my keyboard. It’s almost 3AM. Someone please tell me to go bed! :)

“We believe in a proactive approach to sustainable open source. As part of that we make it easy for you to opt-in to following our progress and we also stay up-to-date on telemetry such as operating system and node version so that we can focus our efforts where they'll have the greatest impact.”


🎶 Caaaaan you feeeeel the foooork tonight?… 🎶

It’s like finding that someone is giving away free homes but they’ve shat on all the walls.

Well, I guess that is one valid hostname I could choose for my server, Scaleway. Thank you for the suggestion.

I’m very excited about this – it’s one of the first pieces of the bridge we’re building towards the peer web (it’s on the current web leg of the bridge – that’s where are now.)

Democratising the ability to develop/deploy personal sites is an important step. This is the first of a number of more specialised modules I’m considering releasing as I build the scaffolding of . Hypha also will/does use Indie Web Server for its untrusted node (

Indie Web Server

If you want to run your own personal web server, this is as easy as it gets.

- Zero-configuration

- Seamless TLS for development and production (without certificate warnings + A grade on SSL Labs in production).

- Command-line: use it to serve your static web site

- API: build your own dynamic web app on it in Node.js using Express, etc.


"Pollution now kills three times as many people worldwide as Aids, tuberculosis and malaria combined. (...) Burning fossil fuels, according to a recent paper, is now “the world’s most significant threat to children’s health”

Ban. All. The. Cars.

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