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Six days after my live demo blew up in my face in Singapore and six days of banging my head on a wall later, the standalone executable* of Indie Web Server just served its first page as a launch daemon.

I’ll probably release the Linux version first for testing sometime this weekend/next week.

* i.e., Node.js not required.

… And this is all I had to do:

Ah, development… it’s 99% plumbing, 1% computer science ;P

After days of trying to fix a stubborn issue, I just saw the Linux binary of Indie Web Server successfully create a daemon process (no Node.js required).

:awesome: 🍷

Roti canai and curry for breakfast?… Oh, yes, please. Thanks, Gin!

Zeal is great :-)
devdocs is cool too, loads directly on the browser and works offline (localStorage) :
But not sure it uses Dash docsets

Want offline documentation on Linux? Man ain’t cutting it? Love Dash on macOS and missing it? Well, look at what I just stumbled on: Zeal: offline docs on Linux using Dash docsets.


Our team at the ST Education Forum debate had two students who prepared and presented their own 5-minute talks. To quote one of them, Stacy Lee: “In the past, people searched Google for answers. Today, Google searches us.”

From Sunday’s Straits Times in Singapore: “Spotlight on 'people farming' at ST Education forum”

So our team just flipped a ~ 28% agree / 72% disagree initial vote to a 52% agree / 48% disagree vote after our presentations and debate at the Straits Times Educational Forum in Singapore on the motion “Entrepreneurs today do more harm than good.”

Gives me hope to see that change is possible once people actually get to hear diverse viewpoints. Here’s hoping we can follow-through with The Straits Times and Singapore Management University to implement some of the alternatives that we discussed.

Ready for my presentation and the debate at the Straits Times Education Forum in Singapore tomorrow. There is a live stream but it’s on Facebook so I won’t be linking to it. Will post a video of the recording without any tracking/profiling after the event.

Piqûre de rappel : cet entretien (en FR) de @aral explique simplement et en quelques lignes pourquoi résister au capitalisme de surveillance et comment nous pourrions nous organiser !

@aral Thanks for sharing this. I have to write a similar letter to invite my grandparents for a visit here in Canada. This letter inspires me to reword my own.

Just released Nodecert 2.1.0. Nodecert wraps mkcert for the seamless creation of trustled local development-time TLS certificates. With the latest version, you can wrap nodecert into native binaries using pkg.

Hello from Singapore :) 🦁 🧜‍♀️

Next stop: Singapore. Toot y’all in ~13 hours :)

@aral I already had to do a similar letter for my wife to visit me abroad.

I had the additional bonus that we speak together a language that the VISA people would probably not know. So I had to write such a letter in a language that I would never use with my wife. This is so strange and insane ☹

@aral god capitalism is so morally repulsive. to add to the disgust, I'm legally capable of gaining an Irish passport through my Irish grandparents despite knowing nothing about Ireland, having never been there, not speaking a word of Gaelic and not even knowing who the Irish head of state is. Borders and citizenship-via-inheritance is despicable racism.

@aral in a similar vein, my wife needs a handwritten letter from me if she wants to go and see her family in Hong Kong with our son, without which the French authorities won't let her leave the country.

Fuck borders, and fuck patriarchy. 😡

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