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While they really like my personality and attitude, and said that I excel at the front end, as well as web design, I'm intermediate on the back end and databases. The meetings we were in every day made it clear that at their company, the majority of urgent need is in the back end.

I would appreciate any job leads, especially doing theme development and API integration for ecommerce and digital marketing.

Well. That resolved the mystery. My employer has ended my contract. They have come to realize that they just don't have enough work on the front end; although they might hire me for freelance work.

Wow, some very interesting screen tearing on my Dell XPS 13 running latest Pop!_OS/GNOME (on X). First time I’m seeing this.

Ghostwriter is a lovely little distraction-free writing tool for Linux.

(Available on GNOME Software and the Pop!_OS store and probably elsewhere also.)

Mastodon, circa 1934…

Me: Don’t support IBM, they’re selling mainframes and maintaining them for the Third Reich, don’t support Hugo Boss, they’re making uniforms for the Nazi, don’t support VW…

Folks: We know lots of great people who work at IBM, Hugo Boss, and VW that don’t agree with Hitler. What do you want them to do, quit? You need to pipe down and appreciate how they’re changing the system from within.

So I just wasted two hours with a “Temporary failure in name resolution” error that I was only able to resolve by asking the cafe (nicely) to restart their router.

Question: any ideas how to clear whatever cache that was without resorting to that? (Other devices connected + got addresses via DHCP correctly). nmcli g was showing limited connectivity. Restarted NetworkManager service had no effect. dhclient hung.

I notice @aral pointing out more unethical ethics conferences. I think the sad reality is that many of those conferences are places for Facebook and people like Peter Thiel to ethicswash their agendas. This works especially well if they can get selfies alongside speakers who have genuinely done good work.

@aral have you seen this? 😬 Entire instance (public posts from downloaded and processed without consent

Just a wee reminder that you have <48 hours left to state your opinion about whether every site, service, and app in the UK should be locked behind an age verification wall which it will be your responsibility (and expense) to build.

@Gargron By the way, I somehow got it into my head after we talked a while back that you were French and so if you happen to see a talk video in the next few days where I’m raving about a sole French developer called Eugen who wrote Mastodon… well… that’s you. 🤦‍♂️

(I’ll update my neural pathways before the next talk, sorry.) :)

Yeah, well Aral’s my name as a human being and my petroleum company namesake can go take a flying fuck because trademark law does not apply. First time I’m seeing this notice. The Internet is for people not corporations. Maybe it’s time we remembered that and starting implementing laws to ensure it before we lose it altogether.

What’s worse? I Want My Name showed it to me as taken when it wasn’t. WTF, folks? Going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s a bug.

Sure hope @aral and @laura are going to mention Mastodon in their combined (!) talk about „Small Tech“ at #thinkabout19 right now 😊

Interesting proposal from WebKit (Apple) on privacy-preserving ad click attribution (/ht @tomayac)

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