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Love this. Very much in the spirit of what we’re working on.

The Jinhao fountain pen looks impressive but cost not much more than the iroshizuku ink. I’ve read great things about how it writes (can’t wait to try it). The notebook’s my favourite (Leuchtturm 1917, dotted) and the glasses are a cheap pair I found off the shelf in Sweden.

@aral Thank you! I finally got to setting up my own instance today. Looking forward to the ride...

it turns out that NYTimes "Privacy Project" was a honeypot for privacy advocates all along (who built a ladder of legitimacy for Google to climb), not just readers (who had their data pilfered by tons of Big Tech trackers). #SurveillanceCapitalism

Socialist critics of surveillance capitalism: corporations shouldn’t own and control your data

Me: Hear, hear!

Also them: But it’s OK if governments own and control your data if we’re the ones in government…

Me: No, actually that’s not OK either.

Them: you filthy capitalist!

Looking into OpenCollective… first impressions:


* I like the model
* Open source (nice)
* No trackers on site/source (nice); trackers in docs because they’re using Gitbook but that’s not the end of the world


* Paypal seems to be required for fiscal hosts; based on past experience don’t want to give them access to my bank account.
* I’m worried about the angel investment; they seem to be going down the VC road – so what’s the exit?
* This is worrisome:

A present for you Aral.
I didn't test it but it only requires `requests` library.

Hope you like it:

Update: don’t use that script as-is, it imports all issues as open. FFS! (And, of course.) Fucking GitLab.

@aral I just asked about this on birdsite too; hopefully someone jumps in with some good news.

@aral Also, Firefox and Chromium probably interact with Orca differently under X11 versus Wayland (and native Wayland apps vs X11 apps on Wayland too).

Using the X11 versions on X11 is most likely the best combo for now, due to the length of time it's been around. Hopefully Wayland will keep getting better a11y support as time progresses.

@aral People are definitely talking about accessibility issues on @ (and there are quite a few merge requests pending too).

For centralized a11y discussions, there's gnome-accessibility-list and gnome-accessibility-devel mailing lists and #a11y on More details @

And, of course, there's the Orca repo on GNOME's gitlab. That's probably a good place for general screen-reader issues:

So it looks like neither Firefox nor Chromium are accessible under GNOME (silence on the screen reader). What’s worse, it doesn’t appear that Overview mode is accessible (tested on Pop!_OS). You cannot use the search on it (e.g., type software – the s disabled speech).

Does anyone know where these issues are being discussed?

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