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When an app wants access to your location on elementary OS, it has to ask. We show a prompt telling which app and how precise it’s asking—and you can always revoke access later in Security & Privacy settings. Because your data belongs to you, and only you.

extremely important museum plaque that addresses the language we use to talk about slavery in the american south. @OCRbot

Just realised I apparently hadn’t blocked Fixed.

It’s 2019. Your Linux laptop running GNOME cannot tell the time properly. (But that’s an upstream problem, probably, so it’s OK.)

* I’m not in Stockholm but I did connect my VPN through Sweden recently so maybe that’s why (even though right now it was connected via the UK; disconnecting hasn’t made it update).

Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

* Note: sarcasm ;) (Was demonstrating Mastodon.)

Having a great time practicing behavioural design on stage in Darmstadt :)

The lovely folks at @Framasoft translated – and wrote an introduction for – the article I wrote I for Kulturstiftung des Bundes (The German Federal Cultural Foundation) titled Slavery 2.0 and how to avoid it: a practical guide for cyborgs:

Nous sommes déjà des cyborgs mais nous pouvons reprendre le contrôle:

In German:


Microsoft loves open source like a tapeworm loves a healthy gut biome.

I have to admit that I did not know that this text [0] existed until now.

All the time, I was thinking that the pyramid of ethical design should have a proper foundation that it is built on.

Thankfully, @aral thought of this already and gave it beautiful name: *small tech*. 😍


Just finished Journey. What an amazing game. Had heard so much about it; lovely to finally experience it. And apparently Robin Hunicke worked on it. Met her ages ago and remember finding her hugely inspiring.

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