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Spot the two computers :)

Spoiler: Raspberry Pi 4 rear-left, feeding the 4K monitor. Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen in foreground.)

Spent a lovely evening in Dublin and now back in Cork with my parents. So lovely to have them at home. This is the first place we’ve lived in that they’ve gotten to see.


On our way to Dublin to greet my parents. Been years since I’ve seen them given I can’t go to Turkey (because I’ve publicly criticised president Erdoğan and thus face arrest if I go) and because they have to go through ridiculous bureaucracy to come to the EU.

@aral selam, we created (I guess) the first turkish mastodon instance.

TFW you’re writing HTML but you write your links in Markdown format for some reason. 🤦‍♂️

Reposting my tweet earlier this week, which I forgot to share in Mastodon so here comes.

If you are at all interested in how badly broken this “digital universe” we currently live in is, you should watch this presentation and think through your approach of what kind of future for humanity you want.

With great minds like @laura and @aral, there is always hope.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy #InstitutionalCorruption

The lovely folks at Pimoroni messaged me on birdsite to say they’re sending me the official Raspberry Pi power adapter for free and wouldn’t budge when I tried to convince them that I was happy to pay for it (just didn’t want to pay for shipping again).

Please support them: they’re an independent shop in the UK and they have lots of yummy things for tinkering with electronics and computers and awesome customer service:

Bought a new computer… rather excited to see how well it performs.

Haha, in the time it took me to write that toot, it seems the printer was located and it printed.

So, to print on my Linux machine right now, the steps are:

1. Print document
2. Wait… get fed up waiting
3. Write a toot about it
4. Boom! Printout :)

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Your print job is processing… unless you go to advanced settings and select your printer, in which case you might be able to see that it cannot be found.

One of the things I‘ve recently begun to appreciate is how, when I enter an event in GNOME Calendar, it moves to the day before. This gives me no end of delight. The workaround is to drag and drop it to the day you want. When you edit it again, it jumps back to the wrong date. How many of you have calendar apps that are also casual games?

in ~5 mins; they should be calling anytime now.

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I’ll be live on @AJEnglish news from Cork at around 14:25 Irish/British time today to talk about FaceApp and ask why it takes the Russians or Chinese to be involved before we take the threat of surveillance capitalism seriously.

You can watch live from:

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