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So this is happening: bought a refurbished Lenovo T440p last week as the cheapest way to test Site.js on Windows 10 (cheaper than a Windows 10 license and the 7-year-old machine actually copes perfectly with VSCode, etc. Windows is a surveillance crapfest but that’s another story…)

Anyway, so I ended up adding Windows 10 support to Site.js this weekend. Only thing remaining is to figure out a convenient install process & add it to the web site… should be live next week.

New npm module: @small-tech/cross-platform-hostname

Attempts to bring Windows 10 in line with hostname conventions in Linux/macOS. Set your primary DNS suffix and this module will return your full computer name (which can be a valid domain name as under Linux/macOS) instead of just your computer name.


npm i @small-tech/cross-platform-hostname


const hostname = require('@small-tech/cross-platform-hostname')
console.log(`Your hostname is: ${hostname}`)

Site.js 12.5.0 release: adds macOS Catalina support

(Site.js enables you to develop, test, and deploy your secure static or dynamic personal web site with zero configuration.)

Thanks to @aral I have a new intro-to-Good-Todo video on the homepage.

It doesn't show Gmail, and it's not hosted on YouTube.

Watch it here:

So after 25 years behind the wheel and 2 driver’s licenses, I’m going in for my driver’s test today so I can keep driving in Ireland (after legally driving for a year) because the world does not run on logic and nation states and borders suck… wish me luck ;)

Got my first full night’s sleep in one-and-a-half weeks without coughing my lungs out all night… fingers crossed, I’m on the mend.

Can’t wait to get back into things when I’m back on my feet again.

So they changed the live steam URL and only tweeted out the new one 35 minutes into the talk after I made a stink. Bloody hell.

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Looks like they’re quite a delay. I’m sure it should start soon but I won’t be able to keep checking and update you so keep the tab open somewhere :)

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I get hundreds of millions of dollars every year by legitimising surveillance capitalists and enabling them to violate your privacy by default. (I wouldn’t exist without them.) Please trust me on privacy.

Why are you all looking at me like that?

OK, OK, you can stop glaring: I’m Mozilla, y’all love me. 💕

Site.js 12.4.1 release

• Easier WebSocket broadcast from DotJS routes

• Easier installation on macOS – now uses cURL, which is installed by default, instead of wget, which is not (thanks to @adamprocter for hitting the pain points and writing about it:

So a week in Sydney for UX Australia and a week away on holiday in Malaga (boy did we need it) and now I’m back with a stinking sore throat. Yay me. Gotta shake this thing before Reading Bodies in Berlin this weekend (

Folks, Laura and I are taking our first holiday in yonks tomorrow. We’re going to unplug. No computers, Mastodon, email, etc. See you all in a week :)

I asked Steve (@docbaty) at the after-party last night if he thought my opening keynote at @UXAustralia would lose him sponsors next year. His response brought tears to my eyes. Be like Steve.

“So if people heard the message that you said, Aral, in your keynote and their response was ‘well I want nothing to do with that conference’, well in all honesty, fuck ‘em.” – @docbaty


(Shared with permission.)

Met such wonderful people and had such a lovely time at – couldn’t have asked for a better event to launch Small Technology Foundation at (

Thank you all for being so awesome and thank you, Deb, for your beautiful sketch-notes from my talk :)

So I woke up in Sydney this morning to see a stream of lovely supportive messages, helpful suggestions, reports of typos, broken links, etc. (all fixed now), and 11 patrons and €144/month in patronage on our first day for Small Technology Foundation ( to support our work on Site.js (, Better (, and Tincan (

I just wanted to say thank you. I’m quite moved and feeling reinvigorated by your support.


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