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Bought this t-shirt last time Laura was away… it just arrived 😇

Ooh, would you look at that… auto updates of Site.js production servers are working ;)

Needs more testing, of course, but I feel I’ve earned my breakfast :)

Looking forward to speaking at the EU parliament, headlining an event by the city of Antwerp, and hopefully also speaking to some students in Kortrijk while I’m in the country in November and opening a conference in Warsaw in December. Deets soon :)

In case you missed it last night, Site.js—our stupidly-simple to use static/dynamic web tool for individuals (not startups or corporations)—now has live preview support for static sites to make your development process more delightful.

New version of Site.js with live reload, build in progress… ;)

Did you know the Site.js binaries for Linux (x64), macOS, Windows 10 and ARM (armv6l & armv7l – read: Raspberry Pi and more – are all built on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?

Happy ending to codename Pogo (actual name Ollie)‘s story. The vet scanned his chip and we found out that he was lost by the son of a woman who was away at a funeral in England. He is also registered at the vet and they’re keeping him now and the son’s on his way to pick him up.

Happy to know you’ll be home soon, little Ollie. And you’ll be missed :)

The little lost pug (codename Pogo… for _reasons_) and Osky had a lovely time in the woods yesterday.

Taking him to the vet today to see if we can find his family from his chip.

Who’s doing Exxon Summer of Environmentalism this year? Sorry, I meant Google Summer of Code…

"The CD-ROM format is so incredibly unreliable that all of the layers of error corrections require 2.33 GB to encode 650 MB of usable data."

(Delayed toot) Aha, have just realised that this behaviour only manifests on localhost. Very interesting!

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TFW you go into town to do a spot of coding and you end up with a lost pug.

Bank holiday weekend so the little whirlwind is going to stay with us until I can take him to the vet on Tuesday to see if they can find the owner from its chip.

Not shown: Oskar, off camera, looking very dejected for having lost his bone to a pug (he has it back now) :)

Bloody hell, Firefox, bloody hell!…

I think I’ve finally handled all the issues it has with EventSource: the hairiest of which is that it times out an EventSource connection after 30 seconds if you refresh the page. If you force refresh, it’s fine. So – gotta love web dev, really – I’m detecting when I haven’t asked for a full refresh in the beforeunload handler, setting a cookie (fuck me), and on load, checking if the cookie exists and forcing a full reload.

FML! 🤢 But it works! *smh*

Anyone going to Organised By Corporation That Takes Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars From Google Every Year Fest today to talk about protecting our human rights and democracy? I see you.

12 hours later, I think I’ve finally worked out all the kinks in Firefox (and will properly implement them and issue more upstream pull requests tomorrow).

And that, ladies and gents, is web dev: minutes become hours… because browsers!


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