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"A distinction must be made between advertising and "adtech" - digital analysis and advertising software. Traditional advertising was about building a brand. It used to be like this: if you read a newspaper, the newspaper didn't read you either. If you watched TV, the TV didn't see you either. The Internet has changed that. If you watch a video on Youtube today, Youtube will be watching you. Surveillance is at the heart of the business model. I call it "people farming"." - @aral

Halfway through the course of antibiotics and feeling a bit more myself today for the first time. Fingers itching to get back to the keyboard… :)

This is the interview I gave Süddeutsche Zeitung this week on surveillance capitalism and Small Tech (in German)

About ready to be over whatever this bug is that’s kicking my ass right now.


Ooh, just received the Neo2 from FriendlyElec. Can’t wait to play with it! :)

Also including a festive sprinkling of Site.js, which is making my development life much easier.

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I wrote an ode to personal websites for one of my faves,
24ways. Featuring inspiring (and rights-respecting) websites from people whose work I love and respect.

After my opening keynote on Small Tech at NextM in Warsaw last week, RMF FM recorded an interview with me where we talk about the dangers of the Silicon Valley model of tech and how we can build tech differently to protect human rights and democracy.

So I guess Twitter isn’t going to let me log on anymore? Been waiting about 10 minutes since I first tried logging in and no email (nothing in spam either).

Oh well, that’d be one way to lock folks out I guess.

At the hotel after my tech check at the NextM Poland venue for tomorrow and may I just say it’s a right circus in there ;)

All packed for Warsaw to present the opening keynote on Small Technology tomorrow at NextM Poland. Last talk of the year. Looking forward to staying put and coding for the rest of December :)

Visto che siamo in argomento, consiglio a tutt la visione dello splendido talk di @aral al parlamento europeo sulla questione del capitalismo della sorveglianza.

Da oggi disponibile con sottotitoli in italiano:

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TIL that Microsoft’s remote development extensions for VSCode are not open source and so cannot be used in Codium.

Microsoft being Microsoft.

Note: *relatively* simple, as in compared to legacy VPN tools for someone who’s technically proficient. Not simple as in “everyday thing for everyday people.” But a game changer. *schemes a little scheme* :)

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