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You’re only allowed to call it yak shaving if it ends up with you scrolling through Linux kernel code.

In other news, guess what I just found myself scrolling through…


@aral Thanks for site.js
I'm currently using it as a static file server while developing
and the live reload is so sweet!

Ooh, the OBS Studio 25 package just landed in apt. Can’t wait to have a play :)

(I use OBS – along with slides made and exported from and run in a browser/served via Site.js and live demos in terminal, browser, etc. – when I’m presenting live on stage and also to record screencasts and maybe I’ll start live streaming soon too… 🤔)

Got renewals working on Auto Encrypt today so it should be feature complete at this point. Good to be making progress again :)

Now to go through everything again to clean things up and to get the tests up and running again after woefully neglecting them.

It’s not ready for release yet but in case you want to have a look/play I’m developing it here:

git diff (left) vs git-diff (right; alias git-diff="git difftool --no-symlinks --dir-diff") using Kitty terminal’s diff kitten and my custom dark colour scheme for the diff kitten (

Free conferences be like:

"Delegates agree to attend one-on-one business meetings and other group activities. You must attend all pre-booked meetings and sign the meeting registers. Non attended meetings will be charged at the full cancellation rate of £495 + £195 per non attended meeting."

Discovered kitty (terminal app) yesterday and it’s true: I’m one happy kitty 😺

(Might have procrastinated a tad to set it up just as I want it. Config:

PS. Tilix you served me well these past years and made not having iTerm bearable – thank you – but it’s time to say goodbye :)

And that’s the last you will hear about this from me. I have better things to do than to try and lead a horse to water when it’s determined to eat sand.

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PS. GNOME Web could have changed the default blockers but chose not to due to aesthetic reasons (“does not block YouTube ads”). Guess what? If you’re on YouTube, you’re already being tracked (and I’d love to know how AdBlock plus – which gets paid by Google and others to not block their trackers – blocks YouTube ads using WebKit Content Blocking Rules).

If they start caring about your privacy, they can do so by changing a single line in their codebase.

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GNOME Web (née Epiphany) now supports WebKit Content Blocker rules but sadly still comes configured with AdBlock rules that do not protect your privacy (they block some ads).

I’ve updated the instructions for replacing them with Better Blocker’s rules instead if you care about protecting your privacy.

TL; DR: Enter this a terminal window:

gsettings set org.gnome.Epiphany content-filters "['']"

@aral @jsparknz Yes, using the Better rule set works just fine. While developing the feature I was periodically testing with you rule set and is what I've have had configured for a few months now :blobcatcoffee:

I was under the impression that I had already given you a heads up about this, but it seems I forgot. Sorry about that!

Me: all this coronavirus news is stressing me out again, maybe I should pick up the guitar and improvise a relaxing riff…

Also me:

@jsparknz So it looks like they’ve implemented WebKit content blocking, just like in Safari. So you should be able to grab the rules from and use them with the new "content-filters" keys and it should do.

Please do let me know if it does.

When I get a moment, I’ll update my blog post too.

This is actually great news as it means that the blocking will be even better (no pun intended) in Epiphany now as we were limited in what we could do with EasyList.

Off the top of my head, @aral is a good account to follow as well as @selea, @perflyst, and @caltlgin

As his bio says, Aral is a "cyborg rights activist" and does a *lot* of work towards furthering privacy in this age of surveillance capitalism.

Selea, Perflyst, and Caltlgin are all members of the #librehosters network (as am I) and we host web services for anyone to use free of charge. I think I speak for all of us when I say that digital privacy is something we care deeply about and we're trying to do our part to improve that for as many people as possible 🙂

Psst… you can’t practice ethical design at a company with an unethical business model.

Pass it on.

Very interesting article on “the redeemed” tech bro. It also mentions @aral ‘s fight against big tech.

https ://

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