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Small Tech > Big Tech

Live stream today at 15:00 German time, 16:00 Irish time.

Watch live from:

I am speaking at Interactive Future Exhibition 2020 held by the students of the Interactive Media Design course (@imd) at the Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

This is wild.


Militarized Federal Agents from a patchwork of outside agencies have begun policing Portland (in rented minivans vans) without the explicit approval of the mayor, the state, or local municipalities. This is what that looks like in practice:


Well it took me most of the day but I’ve now got my live streaming setup with the Atem Mini Pro that arrived today ready for my keynote tomorrow at the @imd Interactive Future Exhibition.

Ooh, look what just arrived! (Managed to find one from CameraTech S.r.l, a Blackmagic Design reseller in Rome, Italy by way of eBay). These things are rarer than humanity in conservatives these days. Can’t wait to try it out.

Laura recorded a short video on accessibility yesterday.

The setup / the shot.

It’s so great to see the progress on the new generation of @mntmn reforms (I have a very early beta unit on my shelf) :)

Note that the current UBPorts edition of the PinePhone cannot be used with external screens due to a hardware bug (you can fix it if you’re handy with a solder). The bug is reported as fixed in the upcoming postmarketOS edition of the phone. I’ll probably end up getting one of those as well since I’d like to be able to test on both distributions (one’s Debian/Ubuntu-based and the other Alpine + comes with Phosh) and follow their development.

PS. If you’re not a startup what are you? Maybe you’re a stayup.

Small Tech > Big Tech

Stay up > Start up

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Let me put it this way: if you are not a startup (i.e., you don't have venture capital and you’re not looking to scale exponentially and have a billion-dollar exit) and yet you call yourself a startup, you are actively helping the startup that will offer your services for free until it kills your sustainable small tech business.

So maybe don’t call yourself a startup.

Startup is a Silicon Valley brand. It does not mean a new, small tech business.

If you missed yesterday’s live stream, we had a little WebSocket chat via Site.js running on a $150 PinePhone. You can watch the recording here – now with closed captions, chapters, and links to mentioned sites:

Life’s too short to spend begging power to please be kind. I’d rather spend what little time I have working to ensure that such power doesn’t exist to begin with.

If you missed the live stream, we had a little WebSocket chat via Site.js running on a $150 PinePhone. You can watch the recording here:

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Wait a second, am I serving a secure web site with the full power of Node.js on a $150 PinePhone UBPorts Edition using Site.js 14.2.0 Alpha ( and ngrok?

I think I might be! :awesome:

Repeat after me: blockchain is centralised.

You want to tilt the power dynamics to favour social justice? You don’t do that by making a billion copies of the same database. You do it by ensuring that a billion people can have their own unique databases.

Expend your energy to realise topological decentralisation not global proofs. Sure, it won’t make you a billionaire but if that’s what you want, what the fuck you reading my feed for?

Ooh, is that an alpha ARM64 build of Site.js running on the $200 PineBook Pro?

Why yes, yes I believe it is.

If any of you want to have a play:

wget -qO- | bash -s -- alpha

We’re about to kick off with the afternoon presentations at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility Online Hackathon.

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