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Site.js version 14.4.0 released

This release implements new pull and push commands that make use of Small Web conventions to simplify downloading and deploying your site.

- pull command
- push command

- Server auto-restart when a .dynamic folder is created/synced

To update, use: site update

(Daemons will auto-update as usual.)

Are We Already Living in a Tech Dystopia?

“For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts with differing opinions.”

Includes my 10 euro cents’ worth.

This bullshit is why I now share maybe 1% of what I would otherwise about the thinking and process behind what we’re working on and why I’ve almost stopped blogging completely.

So I read the comments 👀

And wrote down some facts, in case folks care about those sort of things:

It’s tiring, it really is. And now I’m going to go back to working on Site.js and making the Small Web happen.

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Batman is 100% scarier when you realise he’s just Elon Musk in a gimp suit with pointy ears and death toys.

Might have looked up the chords to the Rocky Horror Show. Might have just spent the last hour playing the piano (badly) and singing (rather well, if I do say so myself) :)


Site.js version 14.3.0 released

💫 You can now sync on Windows 10 also.

This means that Site.js now has feature parity across Linux, macOS, and Windows 10.

(Production use is – and will remain – limited to platforms with systemd.)

Also, pro-tip: don’t hack a Node module while debugging and then forget you did it without actually updating the module itself and then wonder why it’s not working when built on a different machine. That’s a fun one.

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Debugging in an exercise in humility. Keep telling yourself that yes, the error is in your code, and yes, it’s probably a silly mistake, and you’ll save yourself lots of time :)

w00t! Just had my first successful sync with Site.js under Windows :)

Need to test it properly tomorrow but with the next release Site.js will have full feature parity across Linux, macOS, and Windows 10.

(Deployment use is limited to operating systems that have systemd.)

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Back on getting sync working on Windows in Site.js. I think I finally grok how paths and line-endings work via cygwin and so the next step is to integrate this into the binary and patch it in. What a world of hurt.

PS. Documented it all here:

Well guess who decided to show up…hello, Ellen.


Spent today prepping for something that I have a meeting for tomorrow… we make this happen and it’s going to be a huge step towards evolving the web as a tool for human rights and democracy.

Sorry to be cryptic. Just excited and that doesn’t happen often these days :)


Update: I managed to get an up-to-date portable distribution of rsync and ssh from the cygwin project so that’s the route I’m going to take for now.

Thank you all for your suggestions and offers of help.

More info:


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And just to elaborate: this is for embedding into a binary. So Docker, commercial stuff, etc., are out.

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Right, so, just so I’m sure I’ve covered all the bases. Options for getting rsync with ssh running on Windows 10 (not WSL):

- cygwin
- msys2
- A couple of incomplete cross-platform clones in Rust (none support ssh yet)

None of these are great options. There isn’t a statically-linked single binary (or better yet, pure JS option) I’ve missed, is there?

Am I slowly losing the will to live?

Am I working on the Windows version of Site.js?

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