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On the Human Centred Design show, @aral talks with service designer Gerry Scullion about the role of design in surveillance capitalism. Enjoy Sensibly spent 45minutes:

Site.js version 14.6.2 released

Fixes regression: crash on (regular process) server restart requests. (Daemon processes/production was not affected.)

To upgrade your client, just run:

site update

Site.js version 14.6.1 released

- Fixes sync regression (crash) introduced in 14.4.0 when attempting to deploy sites with Hugo (generated) content.

Very odd: faint high-pitched noise from my Dell XPS 13 when plugged into an external monitor with its own display off goes away when its own display is turned on. Tested under Pop!_OS 20.04.

(Documenting it here in case anyone else runs into it.)


Good news: has been merged onto the Public Suffix List. So when it launches, anyone will be able to create their own (Small Web) site at <domain> just like at any Top-Level Domain (like .com, .org., etc.)

(Only—unlike commercial domains—we can do it without charging for domains. And it takes seconds to set up. Otherwise, it will work like any other domain so cookies, etc., will be scoped to your domain for security, etc.)

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Just finished Dishonored 2 after about 42 hours of play and WOW what a game! Don’t remember the last time I finished a game thinking “I can’t wait to play this through again!”

Site.js tutorial (in a toot): How to make a dynamic web site

[Windows 10 version]

1. iex(iwr -UseBasicParsing

2. mkdir -p counter/.dynamic

3. echo 'i=0; module.exports = (request, response) => response.html(`${++i}`)' | Out-File -Encoding UTF8 counter/.dynamic/index.js

4. site counter

Hit https://localhost and refresh 🤓👍

Site.js tutorial (in a toot): How to make a dynamic web site

Linux & macOS:

1. wget -qO- | bash

(On macOS, curl is preinstalled so use that instead: curl -s | bash)

2. mkdir -p counter/.dynamic

3. echo 'i=0; module.exports = (request, response) => response.html(`${++i}`)' > counter/.dynamic/index.js

4. site counter

Hit https://localhost and refresh 🤓👍

Site.js version 14.6.0 released

You can now use response.html() instead of having to write response.type('html').end()


Interesting: we’ve received pushback on our submission of to the Public Suffix List maintained as a public resource by Mozilla because our not-for-profit organisation is too small?

This must be a misunderstanding.

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Site.js version 14.5.1 released

This release introduces wildcard routes. Specialise the behaviour of your pages using only client-side JavaScript while making use of path fragments as arguments without having to define your routes manually.

(It’s much easier to understand with an example.)

Documentation + example:

Get started at:

The next three, I think there's something slightly off about their perspectives. But it closes with @aral 's luddism, which you should be familiar with if you know him at all.

"Ask yourself who owns and controls technology today [individuals or a handful of trillion dollar interests], and you’ll have your answer."

P.S. Despite popular belief, luddites didn't object to technology as such but rather capitalism. And technology furthering empowering capitalists.

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"Here it is useful to keep in mind the difference between the potential of a technology and its actual uses. Of all the things we could do with tech, how did we end up choosing these particular uses? Why did these technologies get accelerated development while others were left on the shelf? More often than not this comes down to who funded their development."

I love these perspectives! I might quote everyone there!

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I just realized that the above video was @aral speaking 👌

And I recently found in which Aral explains the problem to the European Parliament.
I couldn't agree more with what he said.

I wish I could explain it so clearly and concisely.
I recently tried to explain centralized vs decentralized to a friend after mentioning Mastodon as being some kind of decentralized Twitter.
I'm doubtful whether that person understood it enough to explain it to someone else.

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Great ~3 minute video which explains nicely why I focus so much on #privacy as it shows the dangers of #surveillance #capitalism.
Viewpoint_ ‘We’re living in an age of surveillance capitalism’ _ BBC Ideas



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The awesome @aral posted What is the Small Web and outlines some of the next step for the small technology foundation and site.js specifically. (And was on hacker news! Yay!)

Please please please listen to this entire episode with @aral :

This is how you can get inspired to help build a better future. 💚

Today’s This Is HCD podcast interview with Gerry Scullion is probably one of my best ever.

We discuss the role of design in surveillance capitalism (and beyond), colonial vs non-colonial design, alternatives to Silicon Valley malware and more.

Give it a listen if you can.

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