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New module: @small-tech/vite-plugin-sri

A Vite plugin that adds subresource integrity (SRI) hashes to your index.html file at build time.


npm i --save-dev @small-tech/vite-plugin-sri

Then, in vite.config.js:

import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
import sri from '@small-tech/vite-plugin-sri'

export default defineConfig({
plugins: [sri()]

In case you’re a person on here who’s still trying to get away from Twitter, I wrote a user stylesheet that might help you:

New blocking rules! On 31st March 2021, Laura blocked a blocker blocker, fixed a site and blocked ten new trackers.

The rules will auto-update if the app is running. If it’s not, you can get the new rules by opening the app and choosing ‘Update rules’ or ‘Check again now’ from Better’s menu.

A bit close to the end of the month for my liking, but new blocking rules are now out!

If you use Better and find any unblocked trackers or issues with sites, please let me know (@ me, @better or email) and I’ll use those reports to make Better better for everyone 😊

Just hit the jquery web site after goodness knows how many years (because cheerio) and… wtf happened to that beautiful, simple site that had such a wonderful, layered onboarding process? Looks like the Michael Bay movie version of it now.

25% funded in just 3 and a half hours! :blobCatCheer:

So full of thanks and hope.

I can't wait to share Tar and their found family of queer TTRPG nerds with the world.


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Are you a developer, designer, entrepreneur? Do you have knowledge or experiences to share with app developers? There are just three weeks remaining to get your ideas and talks in for the first ever elementary Developer Weekend—online June 26–27. #edw2021

Please, more of you use TypeScript for your Node modules because it just makes in-situ debugging of issues so much easier with that lovely generated JavaScript code :awesome: 👍

TypeScript: because some of us didn’t learn our lesson with CoffeeScript™

(Note: I have nothing against TypeScript type definitions being use by your IDE to help you code. But, in an ideal world, that’s where it would stay.)

Need to polyfill Node’s Buffer in your Vite clients? You don’t have to go down the rabbit role of rollup plugins, etc.

I don’t get it… I thought the whole idea behind private hospitals like Beacon was that wealthy people got better healthcare than the unwashed masses. Weren’t they just doing what they were designed to do?

Anyone know of an alternative to the AGPL license that has the same protections but isn’t tied to the FSF? I was looking at the EUPL but, sadly, it looks like it can easily be circumvented by relicensing derivatives to remove the “share alike” requirement on network/SaaS use.

Working on the Small Web place creation flow and its related protocols.

The goal is for it to be as interoperable as possible. We have to work with external server, DNS, and payment providers and, in addition, we want people to be manage their hosting subscriptions on their own places. The providers own APIs will be abstracted with adapters.

Why all this? So you can set up a small web place in 30 seconds without getting locked into any one host.

I love that it takes esbuild a fraction of a second to turn my 93MB (source size, including node_modules) project into a 2.6MB minified distribution file.

Installing/updating Place in the future is going to be as simple as downloading one JS file ( :)

New distribution repository:

(None of this ready for any kind of use right now.)

I can guarantee this is the best impromptu rant against Microsoft and their disdain for your privacy that you will watch today (from yesterday’s S’update):

Whenever you say “but it doesn’t matter if X gets funded/sponsored by Google, Facebook, etc.” you’re basically pissing in the faces of those of us who would rather struggle than accept their dirty money and legitimise those surveillance capitalists or compromise our integrity.

Folks defending the FSF out there sounding like the love child of an Always Trumper and an incel… congratulations on proving everyone’s point. *smh*

@Seirdy @xerz @aral @shellkr @famicom The code is on Codeberg. Feel free to open pull requests to contribute however you can.

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