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“The outage will likely draw attention to how centralized our ‘decentralized’ internet really is—a depressing reminder as ransomware attacks hit at critical infrastructure around the world.”

“…it’s quite clear that the FOSS community in Europe is much stronger than in America. In the United States, capitalism is the secular religion, and my values, in FOSS and otherwise, are incompatible with the American ethos.” –

The rich don't pay their fair share, in fact Jeff Bezos reported so little to the IRS they gave him money (4k) to help with his kids and he fucking took it

> ProPublica has obtained a vast cache of IRS information showing how billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett pay little in income tax compared to their massive wealth — sometimes, even nothing.

Just playing with the beta of the upcoming automatic taxes feature that Stripe is working on (they recently bought TaxJar) and this is going to be HUGE for small businesses, not-for-profits (like us), etc., doing online sales in the EU as it handles VAT MOSS.

Sounds like Big Tech is down…


Small Tech is still up 🤔

Hey, have you heard about that billion-dollar corporation working for social justice?

Yeah, me neither.

#BTC consumption is down 20% since ATH, because of recent crash and ban in China. This spares 10 millions tons of CO2 / y : 2x what the entire fleet of Tesla "saves" each year.

Before this, BTC consumption was on track to surpass Australia's : 210 TWh/y

bezos going to space in a stunning display of wealth inequality

+ please stay there
+ take elon with you


@bob No idea. And that’s the problem. We have black boxes filtering reality on a global scale. That’s not compatible with human rights or democracy.

We need:

1. Algorithmic transparency
2. Data minimisation

Why so coy, Twitter? Why won’t you show me who you followed for me today?

(“Algorithmic” is just a euphemism for lack of individual agency.)

(This is a fundamental design decision that will decide your funding and organisational structure and, thereby, the character of the tools you end up developing.)


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Decentring yourself is the key prerequisite to meaningful decentralisation.

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Decentralisation without decolonisation is bullshit.

What do I mean?

I mean if you’ve centred your organisation on your “decentralised” platform so that when one scales so does the other, you may be decentralising something but it’s not wealth or power. (So if anyone tells you they have venture capital, for example, and they’re working on decentralising the web, etc., you know they’re full of shit because the billion-dollar exit their funding requires is the antithesis of decentralisation.)

I see the bitcoin people are continuing to be very normal and good

[I asked the original poster about the tone for this slide, they have not responded]

"Hell site"

Graphic and explicit (why do these adjectives have such connotations...?!) way to explain what "free" "social networks" and "services" are: people farms designed to hook and exploit people. Plus @aral 's attempts at fighting this, creating or promoting alternatives (and also trying to make a living on the way)

#Google employees admit in lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private:

They even pressured OEMs to "bury" such settings, and kept their own employees in the dark: "Even Google execs and employees in charge of location data were confused about how privacy settings worked."

Is that what they call "improving" #privacy of their users?


The data is in: carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit 419 parts per million in May. The levels have now reached the dangerous milestone of being 50% higher than when the industrial age began – and the average rate of increase is faster than ever.

#GlobalWarming #CO2

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