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Missing alt-text (sorry): Screenshot of Krita, a drawing application, showing a screenshot of Comet (a git message editor). The message in the editor reads “Highlights splling mstakes” with the last two words underlined in red. A Spelling Suggestions… context menu is open on the word “mstakes”, and the suggestion “mistakes” is highlighted out of a list of several options.

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You’d think taking a screenshot of an app with a context menu showing (while keeping its alpha channel & drop shadow) would be easy in elementary OS but it’s apparently impossible in any X11-based system… until you use a chroma key, that is!

1. Set your wallpaper to green.

2. Take a delayed screenshot of the whole screen using Screenshot app.

3. In Krita, apply a Color to Alpha filter to the green and tweak the threshold until your drop shadows don’t have a green tint to them.

Et voila! :)


When your children ask ‘why is engineering important?’, show them this video


Thanks to Martijn (@sexybiggetje), Comet (my little Git commit message editor for elementary OS) will launch with not just Turkish but also Nederlands localisation.

I was just taking some localised screenshots for the AppCenter and realised that git itself isn’t localised for Nederlands though (not asking anyone to do that – it’s a 24,000+ line translation job) but just sharing as I found it interesting given how popular it is.

(It is, for example, localised into Turkish.)

@hamishcampbell @michal @NGIZero What I’m trying to say is that when individuals don’t own and control the means of communication themselves, you don’t have a community, you have an autocracy to whatever degree those who do control the means of communication decree it.

@hamishcampbell @michal @NGIZero Again: communities are made up of individuals. Unless you model the individual as the atomic unit within your design and privilege the individual with power and agency within your system, you are modeling the organisation and giving whoever runs the organisation power and agency over other people.

Case in point: whoever runs a Mastodon instance is the king of that instance. Not so with Small Web, where each node is individually owned and controlled by a person.

EU could fund gas project linked to man charged over Maltese journalist’s murder

Single Market über alles.

Took another day of work but finally have my steaming setup fine-tuned for the new place… And with a few extra bells and whistles which you’ll see in my next stream :)

@michal @NGIZero … And that opens the door to organisations being merely ad hoc associations of people where the people have the tools, agency, and power, not organisations.

@michal @NGIZero The problem with centralised models is that they model organisations, not people. And that creates a hierarchy where the power, tools, and agency lie with organisations (corporations, cities, nation states, etc.) and not with people. Where people are modeled into such system, it is done so as “the other” (users, customers, citizens) by a privileged few (designers, developers, executives, governments) with varying degrees of democratic legitimacy. Small Tech models people.

@aral @NGIZero Venture capital has no right to ruin good ideas. Scaling and acceleration are always counterproductive to writing good software. NEVER TRUST A VENTURE CAPITALIST.

@michal @NGIZero Small Tech starts with the person. So you are not running anyone else (you running others is the colonial model).

You have your own tools with which to have agency in the digital network age.

1. A family is a collection of people.
2. A village is a collection of people.
3. A city is a collection of people.
4. A state is a collection of people.
5. Humankind is a collection of people.

Small Tech models the person so people don’t have to be “run”; so they can run themselves.

One of my little morning joys: a cup of freshly-brewed English Breakfast Tea (with a little Earl Grey thrown in to give it a Turkish kick).

Today I learned that you can have a 44MB shell script with an embedded Java Runtime Environment in it and I don’t know how to feel about that.

(Very much looking forward to using Room EQ Wizard – aka REW – and optimising the acoustics in my new office though, because it doth rather sucketh.)

With tweaks based on yesterday’s Small Is Beautiful, I think I’m finally happy with the layout of my stream deck.

Had to implement a Tampermonkey script to get shortcuts for soloed guests on StreamYard working but otherwise it doesn’t feel too much like an incredible machine.

Want to write a detailed post on my setup, especially the Linux bits soon.

I mean fucking Andreessen Horowitz, ffs? What, the literal devil was unavailable? And Bitcoin…

I’m not angry. I’m just very disappointed.

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Andreessen Horowitz, Bitcoin, Privacy…

Hmm, one of these things is not like the other 🤔

(Actually, correction: I think I’ve known Kevin since the Macromedia days… bloody hell, it feels like ancient history.)

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(According to Apple’s justification, none of this will involve a violation of your privacy. Apple won’t know what phrase exactly was matched as it will simply have been given a list of hashes of “phrases used by terrorists” by the Turkish government and that should make you feel better once you’re out in a few years and can use it again.)

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