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pinephone tech support, :boost_ok:​ 

@spacekookie You're going to love the workaround for this.

I have the external charger accessory, because the PinePhone will only charge when the kernel says it's okay to do so.

I am serious. They really designed it that way.🌻 boosted

pinephone tech support, :boost_ok:​ 

Anyone else have this issue that their #pinephone isn't charging properly, even over night? When trying to turn it on it buzzes it's buzzer, shows the OS logo (postmarketOS in this case), then runs out of power (?) and crashes🌻 boosted

gameboy custom build 

just finished this custom DMG with an aftermarket IPS LCD, shell and buttons! I love how it came out but it was a surprisingly tough build. I accidentally zapped the original motherboard I was going to use (the DMG's design makes it too easy to send -30v straight to the CPU) and killed the first fancy LCD I tried to install (which the vendor kindly replaced). and THEN I discovered the speaker didn't work, so I had to reopen to diagnose. but it's all fixed now and works great!

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Ok, I now have permission to talk about this project in full and in public. I'm working with Alan Kay to build six replicas* of a Xerox PARC Alto display for use in a museum exhibit**. Visitors will see a real Alto and then walk over to one of the replicas to futz with Smalltalk '78***.
Here's a nice writeup of a different project that rejuvenated an actual Alto.🌻 boosted

We have a vacancy for a part time marketing lead. Do you want to help us to spread the word about the online meeting cooperative?

Check out job posting here:🌻 boosted

How many cooperative Mastodon instances are there? Cooperative meaning democratically owned, governed, managed, moderated. Is there a list somewhere? Is the only one? Please boost.

¿Cuántas instancias de Mastodon cooperativas hay? ¿Cuáles son?


Combien d'instances Mastodon coopératives existent-ils? Lesquelles?🌻 boosted

Economists discover that it's good to have connections with rich people...jfc...

Watching these geniuses trying to wrap their heads around the basics of our society is like watching a toddler get excited when they figure out how the volume on the TV remote works.🌻 boosted

New video!

I've decided to try a new thing where I do a shorter length video with a high level summary of a CLI tool. I call it "Lil' Linux Lessons"!

In the inaugural Lil' Linux Lesson, I tackle sudo, the fantastic tool for elevating your privileges on your system.

“They tried to make me into Java, I said, no, no, no!” – ECMAScript, circa 2008.

(And before any Rust folks jump down my throat, no, I’m talking about TypeScript and JavaScript. Although I could also have been talking about Java and JavaScript/ActionScript from, what is it now, a couple of decades ago?) :)

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“Rewrite it in X” is the new “I don’t know Y”.🌻 boosted

“Prince Harry Talks About ‘Global Assault On Democracy’ In Emotional UN Address”

Prince … Talks About ‘Global Assault On Democracy’

Prince … Democracy

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Wasps have a bad rep, but are good guys. I’ve been stung a few times but never for no reason from the wasps pov.

Make Helix Editor follow the system colour scheme

This is a niche post for those of you using a Terminal application that adheres to system light/dark mode settings (like the excellent Black Box by Paulo Queiroz) and Helix Editor.

(f you’re using GNOME Console or GNOME Terminal, this post won’t help you as those apps do not adhere to the system colour scheme.)

Correction: (thanks to the folks who pointed it out) :)

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@aral This looks like Bombus lucorum (white-tailed bumblebee), not Apis mellifera (honey bee), however.🌻 boosted

@aral That is not a honey bee, but a bumblebee. Bumblebees feed on nectar and are useful as pollinators, but not useful as honey producers because they don't stockpile honey. Female bumblebees can sting but usually ignore people.

First Nations Greens senator Lidia Thorpe calls Queen Elizabeth II “coloniser” during oath of allegiance.

What a legend.

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