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It’s like they don’t get the “mutually” part of mutually assured destruction. It’s called MAD for a reason.

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Ex-Putin adviser warns UK cities could be hit with nuclear weapons if Britain ‘continues to be aggressor’

Sure, they could be. And Russia would be wiped off the face of the earth if they were (and likely large parts of other countries too in the process, so fun times all around.) It’s blows my mind that these raving fools are making such irresponsible statements.🌻 boosted🌻 boosted

for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter🌻 boosted

A great podcast with @aral:

Next in Nonprofits: Federated communication ”Fediverse” with Aral Balkan


Media file:

#Antennapod does not have integrated fediverse sharing (like bookwyrm) yet

"Don't just think about what you can get from the fediverse, think about what you can contribute."

Does anyone have other thoughts about the episode? :)

Capitalism fears what it cannot control. They don’t necessarily want to destroy you, they just want you on their payroll. So keep an eye out for that fediverse and decentralisation folks… always ask where the money’s coming from and what strings are attached to that.🌻 boosted

@humanetech @jande @keith @NGIZero @EC_NGI fediverse is a rising threat to the megacorps in the same way that Linux was a rising threat to Microsoft. They will try to coopt it, and they might use similar tactics to the past, such as creating a corp-funded foundation to support fediverse development, analogous to the Linux Foundation.🌻 boosted

Finally wrote a post that's been stewing for a while: What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

Many researchers, entrepreneurs, open source sustainability commentators, et al. assume that GitHub activity is a reasonable proxy for FLOSS as a whole. It's not.

Goes over some examples, a marketing graphic that made my eyebrows go up, research about how unrepresentative GitHub can be, and some tools to try.

Happy to see that Helix Editor will be keeping the arrow keys in insert mode in the next release.

Might sound like a tiny thing but I feel it is an important decision that signals a desire to keep the culture of the project open and welcoming to new folks without introducing rites of passage.🌻 boosted

Staff in universities around the UK are pulling their hair out at the moment over a fuckwit racist government decision to bar students stuck overseas waiting on visa approval from attending live classes online.
Students in the UK are allowed to attend online if it's offered alongside face-to-face teaching.
How institutions administer this diktat is completely obfuscated.
Not to mention many involved in teaching will find it toxic to their ideology of removing barriers to learning.🌻 boosted

My MacBook Pro (2019) is sitting under $700 (normally about $1800)! If you or someone you know needs a laptop, send them to!🌻 boosted🌻 boosted🌻 boosted

[taps mic]

Go follow @kdenlive, for all of your video editing needs!

I use Kdenlive for all of my video editing for Veronica Explains, and have done so since the very beginning of the channel. It's a fantastic editor and I think they deserve all the support in the world.

They also are running a fundraiser, which you should support if you can, as possibly the strongest alternative to proprietary Windows/Mac-only editors.🌻 boosted

If anyone wants to support the content I make online, please donate to the @kdenlive fundraiser. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to do most of what I do in terms of content creation.🌻 boosted

Kdenlive's first fundraiser starts today! Donate and help support developers implement exciting new features (like nested timelines and a new effects panel), and maintain and improve the code.🌻 boosted

This is, I think, correct: there's no such thing as a "software supply chain"; supply chains have contracts, deliverables, alternatives, recourse under the law.

Downloading a bunch of stuff that comes with no warranty doesn't mean you've got supply chain, it means you've downloaded a bunch of stuff.🌻 boosted

👋 Friends! Join us in New York!

It’ll be my birthday week (definitely a thing), first time in New York, and only my second time in the US ever.

My talk is about the ethical issues around Web3, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and more!

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