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“Google Hasn’t Stopped Scanning Gmail”

“Users of Google’s consumer services will always be the product”

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Also on our radar:

Constructive Disobedience

“To be progressive and constructive, disobedience must be accompanied by counter-proposals fully outlining alternative policies to the ones that we disobey.”—Srećko Horvat

Join us for an evening of constructive disobedience at the G20. Starts 19:30 on 7 July, 2017 at the Audimax lecture hall on the University of Hamburg campus. No RSVP necessary.

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Thanks a lot to @Gargron for helping me make this instance a reality. Although we are having some technical difficulties right now, soon your fellow Turkish friends will join Mastodon. I am very happy to present this instance to the Turkish people who are ultimately dissatisfied with the current awful state of Twitter and similar platforms.

Herkese Merhaba!

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So for, I set up our own instance of Staticland ( which, along with embedded comments from our own Discourse ( forum at means that we can now go from nothing to publishing a static site with comments running on its own domain under TLS (https) literally within minutes. (That’s what I used for Would love to see us implement similar workflows at DiEM25.

CC @renataavila

The Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights – Draft 0.1

We cannot protect human rights in the era of networked digital technology without correctly defining personhood and the boundaries of the self and applying the human rights we already have to this, new, extended cyborg self.

The Universal Declaration of Cyborg rights extends The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to bring it into the 21st century.

Thoughts? (Please share your long-form comments on the site.)

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Expect new laws to be passed by corruptible politicians (easy to bribe) in the coming years in an effort to stop #3dprinting "pirates" [sic]

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Want to help improve the instance picker at ?

There are two ways of doing so,
Update your instance' info:

And give general feedback here, just remember to read the other responses first:

#Mastodon #InstancePicker #JoinMastodon

UX Lausanne

All set for my talk on ethical design, cyborgs, and democratic technology in Lausanne.

Bonjour, Lausanne!

I’m in Lausanne to give the opening keynote of UX Lausanne this morning. The topic, of course, is ethical design and how we must resist Silicon Valley's toxic business model of people farming and create a compelling democratic counter narrative to .

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Just uploaded the latest CC teleconference summary:

Meanwhile, VC is voting on whether DiEM25 should have a tech pillar as described by @aral and @renataavila :

What was the role of Cambridge Analytica and psychographics in the EU referendum?

Was Britain’s EU referendum hijacked by the American alt-right using a technique known as psychographics?
BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse reports on the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. (Video)

“Users of Google's consumer services will always be the product”

Brady Dale has an article in the Observer tackling Google’s latest claim that it will no longer scan Gmail “for any ads personalization”. I’m quoted in the article alongside Andy Yen of Protonmail who states that “[b]ecause it hasn’t enabled end-to-end encryption, Google will always be able to read users’ email”.

Google hit with record EU fine over Shopping service

“Google has been fined €2.4bn ($2.7bn; £2.1bn) by the European Commission after it ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results.”

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“Like Banning Mathematics”

The folks at Radio Sputnik wrote up my brief live radio interview as an article:

In it, I comment on the recent proposal by the EU Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs to implement end-to-end encryption on all communication and outlaw backdoors (

Also mentioned: our DiEM25 Internet of People initiative :)

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"But how did neoliberalism manage to survive virtually unscathed for so long? Although it failed the test of the real world, bequeathing the worst economic disaster for seven decades, politically and intellectually it remained the only show in town. Parties of the right, centre and left had all bought into its philosophy (...)"

Note: The workaround, if you’re brave enough, is to run master in production.

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Great little #gdrp explainer podcast feat. @aral et al.

I think for #gdrp alone, it is worth considering having #socialcoop with a legal personality in EU. Our at least keep all data in EU.

🚧 1.4.6 Favourites is broken 🚧

Folks considering upgrading to 1.4.6, hold off until the favourites feature is fixed.


CC @Gargron

Just upgraded my personal Mastodon instance to 1.4.6.

After some initial weirdness (500 errors, etc., as documented in, the timelines started to appear and the 500 errors seem to have gone away.

Self-healing algorithms?… :P