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Excellent article on the lovely Dominic Tarr and his efforts to decentralise technology. Dominic is not only one of the most prolific developers I know but one of the few people actually working to further the cause of decentralisation. (And we’re not talking about right libertarian blockchain bullshit but actual topological decentralisation of the network itself.)

Decrypting Amber Rudd

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube (Google/Alphabet, Inc) have formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and Amber Rudd is asking them to quietly drop end-to-end encryption from their products. You should not believe a single word any of those companies tells you about end-to-end encryption or privacy on their platforms ever again. PS. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

PS. I’m very new to the EasyList format and this is just the first rough conversion. I’ll be cleaning it up and refining it as I go. Please do send suggestions if you notice anything awry with the rules.

In my limited testing so far, it seems to work and match the Safari results.

You will want to turn off the other filters so as not to skew the experience (see screenshot for how I was testing).

Found a few hours to code today so I wrote a simple WebKit Content Blocker → EasyList converter, converted Better’s ( ruleset, and integrated it into the site build. It’s all very alpha right now & there’s no support, etc., but if you want to play with it + know what you’re doing, pop the following URL into your uBlock Origin & play.

1st step to opening Better up to Firefox, Chrome & Edge :)

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So I just posted my Coordinating Collective candidacy on the DiEM25 forum as asked.

That’s about as much campaigning as I’m going to be doing. (I’m not a politician nor do I aspire to be.) Please only vote if you agree with me that I’d be most effective on the CC while working to help implement the technology pillar policies internally. And don’t do anything silly like voting for me instead of Yanis or Srećko—the CC needs them more.

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Proposal: We should add a disclaimer to the DiEM25 Facebook page (as a pinned post) stating that we are using a surveillance-based platform monopoly under protest to reach people we might not otherwise be able to reach in the short-term. This is what we do with the Better ( Facebook page (see screenshot).

For more info on our pragmatic approach to using current platforms, see:


Roomba maker iRobot plans to sell digital maps of your home

Robot vacuum cleaner company iRobot “reportedly has a new strategy in place: providing Roomba-gathered maps of your home to other smart device makers.”

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"You are not the product being sold, you are the livestock being farmed."


Wise words from Mr. @aral

Wait! What's that surveillance capitalism thingy? Quite a big thing but let me give the word to Shoshana Zuboff to explain this model.

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Just in case you wondered why you're here on #Mastodon:

"Facebook patent application describes spying on users through their webcams"

#privacy Via @aral

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Must watch documentary: Nobody Speak – Trials of the Free Press (Netflix original)

“The documentary is themed around the effects of big money on American journalism. [It] focuses on two cases: Peter Thiel financing wrestler Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker Media, and casino owner Sheldon Adelson's secret purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”

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Pleased to announce that our homepage has an updated logo, improved contrast, and a working press kit download!

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Speaking of amateurish behavior:
The military's press secretary claimed on Friday that the Transport Agency "has nothing to do with the military vehicle registry"… but now sent a request to the Transport Agency for the info they claimed they didn't have and modify the statement to "However it is as such that some information exists both in the military vehicle registry and the Transport Agency's road traffic registry".


Well… that… makes your earlier unequivocal statement 100% untrue.
Were you just making it up?
Don't you KNOW who has lists of like... your tanks?
What… are you doing over there?
Can we trust you with a̲n̲y̲t̲h̲i̲n̲g̲?

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If they can't even protect t̲h̲a̲t̲, then imagine what might happen to…
· ALL the data they're trying to force ISPs to keep?
· ALL the surveillance camera imagery?
· ALL systems violated by the trojans their inquiry stated they'll propose allowed for "suspicions" by law?

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False IDs of Swedish Security Service and military agents working counter-intelligence as well as police with especially protected identities were also available to e.g. Czech IBM-employees without security vetting through the Transport Agency's outsourcing and bosses ordering the responsible staff to disregard the Security Protection Act.
Minister for Home Affairs, Ygeman, has been called to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice this Tuesday on the matter.


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I had two performers from Cirque du Soleil in the studio yesterday, and I reckon the best thing to do when you've got more than one is stack them on top of each other. =D

#circus #cirque #cirquedusoleil #aerials #aerialstraps #photography

Sweden’s Transport Agency exposed and leaked every conceivable top secret database

“Sweden’s Transport Agency moved all of its data to ‘the cloud’, apparently unaware that there is no cloud, only somebody else’s computer. In doing so, it exposed and leaked every conceivable top secret database: fighter pilots, SEAL team operators, police suspects, people under witness relocation. Names, photos, and home addresses…”

Facebook wants to analyse your emotions as you browse

“A patent has revealed that the company would like to discreetly take control of the camera on your phone or laptop to analyse your emotions while you browse, serving you ‘uplifting’ adverts or posts when you are feeling down.”

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At Copenhagen airport, about to fly to Cyprus to see my parents for the first time in almost two years.

For the next week, I’ll still be reachable and checking messages, etc., but I might not be able to reply immediately.