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So the lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders has been dismissed.

The judge acknowledged that it was rigged.

The DNC argued that it's legal for them to rig their own primary even though their charter forbids it.

The DNC argued that their charter was merely political rhetoric, like campaign promises.

The DNC is a private corporation, can run their company as they please, and registered Democrats are not stakeholders and the DNC owes them nothing.

The DNC's stance is that what they did was fine, and has no intention to change.
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Technology in the City of People


I’m presenting the opening keynote at the Foreplay conference organised by Digipolis in the city of Ghent next week.

The character of the technologies we implement in our cities determine our freedoms as citizens. Centralised or decentralised? Proprietary or free/open? Owned by corporations or by us? The answers we choose will decide whether our “smart cities” become homes or panopticons. mastodon.ar.al/media/etawdkHyG

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@Jelv Yep, stumbled upon it a few days ago. Purism have been doing awesome work creating integrated Linux computers. Great to see them trying this. They have a chance, I feel, to create a seamless platform.

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Guys, rejoice, today's #LibreMonday again!

That #Mastodon hashtag has seen some nice contributions, but I'd still want to see more.

Go ahead and post about the #free and #opensource software you use and like!

Sharing is caring and that's a great way to contribute back to your favorite #libre projects :)

Check framapiaf.org/tags/libremonday for existing posts.

Let's make it into the top 5 of #trending hashtag today :)

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Regarding the Internet of People, I would love to see it continue within DiEM and yet, at the same time, I want to see it developed publicly (not behind a members-only forum). I will be mirroring any content I’ve written/contributed on forum.ind.ie and I intend to continue the work there, publicly, to develop the policies with a panel of respected experts in the field.

All the best,



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Especially given the extremely high voter turnout, I see this as a vote of no confidence in the work I need to perform in the coming months. As such, please accept this as my resignation from the Advisory Panel. I do not feel I have a democratic mandate to maintain such a position.


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My resignation from the DiEM25 Advisory Panel

(A copy of the letter I just sent to the CC)

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and a great summer so far.

I just saw the Coordinating Collective results and that I received 18% of the vote based on the single issue I was championing, which is the continued development of the Internet of People pillar and its internal application at DiEM25. The latter is hugely important as we cannot have policies that we do not, ourselves, follow.


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hey friends, can you help me out? i'm looking for dev work.

i do python+js (django, node, etc) and have a background in web stuff and databases.

here's a recent resume: gist.github.com/garbados/db5ca

every lead helps ❤

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Your daily reminder that #Mastodon is ad free, and does not have corporate sponsors. You can support the development via #patreon and #liberapay (follow Patreon link for PayPal & #bitcoin info)



And if you want to support your local instance get in touch with your admin to see what they need!

Remember, every bit counts, so supporting with only $1/month does help us!


So, in case you’re wondering about the resolution to this, I wrote up an answer on a StackOverflow thread where someone else was seeing exactly the same symptoms (although the cause of their issue may be different):


Now I still have an issue where the UIBarButtonItem instances in the NavigationBar instances are not tappable. Looks like an auto layout issue with the system bar button items. FML.

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Tech ♥ Democracy?! Conducting & Communicating Politics in the Age of Digital Capitalism


@Lea, Fabian Baumgärtner (DSC Vienna), and Fabian Kors (DSC Munich) have been working hard to prepare a local meeting in Passau, Germany this weekend that I will be taking part in and presenting at.

Please help spread the word and drop by if you’re in the vicinity.

Want new large titles in your iOS 11 views? It’s one line of code, they said… :)

Many hours later, still buggy with UITabBarController subclass → UINavigationController subclass → UITableViewController subclass setup.

(The navigation bar displays collapsed as per regular iOS 10 view and only grows if you “pull it down” by scrolling the view down.)

*returns to debugging it* mastodon.ar.al/media/skoVT9Rps mastodon.ar.al/media/pRwOZiFVO

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@FerdiZ I have zero trust in Eyeo due to the hypocritical bullshit that is AdBlock Plus & “Acceptable Ads” (that’s why Laura and I built Better to start with – better.fyi/). That said, Flattr’s CEO (Linus) is a top guy (& a dear friend, like Peter) who cares about all the right things. He still leads Flattr at Eyeo. More power to him, as they say, but I’m not sure if any one person can change an entire company’s business. Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best :)

@FerdiZ Peter’s no longer involved with Flattr since the sale to Eyeo. (Your point still stands, just thought I’d mention it.)

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Well this is interesting: Yanis Varoufakis' and Noam Chomsky's DIEM25 have their own Mastodon instance...:


@FerdiZ It’s unofficial at the moment but yes, we are playing with it. I’ll give it another push to have it officially integrated following the Coordinating Collective elections.