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Accessibility for Everyone

For the past three years, Laura Kalbag has been writing a book on accessibility. It’s called Accessibility for Everyone. You should read it.

Basic how-to guide for preserving fundamental rights on the Internet by Xnet

“What is happening in Spain these days in relation with the situation in Catalonia is a very significant milestone in the defence of freedoms and rights around the world in the digital age. The reaction of the Spanish government has clearly shown that the entire population – not only those living in Catalonia – needs to have tools to guarantee their fundamental rights…”

"instead of tempering its excesses to ensure survival, the neoliberal ideology is doubling down and pushing workers harder, into more precarity, whilst simultaneously waving obscene wealth in their faces"

Nous parlions hier d' @aral et je vous suggère fortement cette vidéo en anglais de 33 min !
«Excuse Me, Your Unicorn Keeps Shitting In My Back Yard, Can He Please Not?»

I did it. Quit Facebook. I had many personal reasons, but philosophically, what moved me was Aral Balkan’s critique based on cyborg ontology and theory of surveillance capitalism. This, combined with a vision for decentralized planetary democracy, combined also w/ @Rushkoff's point about it just not being nice to your friends to link them there (like poor hygiene, or knowingly spreading a disease) finally broke my inertia.

This article sums up the argument well: ~ @aral


A little simplicity and calm before tackling a chaotic world.

@Curator yep, and this is a really great example of how #SurveillanceCapitalism works: get people to voluntarily supply valuable data by decorating your unethical intentions with something fun / cute @aral

@julianruf creepy fb is using users to train their machine learning algorithms & AI to detect personal emotions. #SurveillanceCapitalism at work. @aral would like this...

Technology People

I’m in this month’s This Is Some Noise podcast. Listen + share :)

(My segment starts ~14:22)

The Internet of People: next steps

Our policies will be developed independently in a new not-for-profit dedicated to the purpose with input from DiEM25 (& implemented in DiEM’s 7th pillar).

It will also have input from (and the legitimacy of) a panel of respected experts in the field of ethical tech and be open to input & adoption by any progressive political movement should they choose to get involved.

Read the full post and reply at:

One month until @aral speaks at Ecopolis in Brussels. For those of you from the rest of Europe, the event is being translated into English, French and Dutch.

Had a wonderful reception for my proposal to kick off the Internet of People with a City of People in Ghent last week. (Watch this space—this is momentous!)

Next week is going to be busy: flying to Malaga on Monday to be interviewed at EmpoderaLive ( and then I’m off to Vienna on Wednesday to present the opening keynote at Internet Summit Austria (

As @aral says, technology is a multiplier, and right now it's multiplying the stupid.

@aral I have seen this documentary last year. Was shocked by the evangelistic attitude of google people. Such an unnatural 'enthusiasm' without any critical thinking....makes me suspicious. By the way, we don't notice anything of citizens participation. Only more and more camera's in squares, shopping streets (Cisco) 😡and camera's in billboards even on railway stations, shopping centres (ExterionMedia) 😡

Finished preparing my talk for Ghent… flying over tomorrow. So much opportunity in this… could Ghent be the birthplace of the Indienet…?

Smart Cities – VPro Tegenlicht documentary (2016)

Ahead of my talk this week to the city of Ghent (, watch this Dutch documentary I was in last year (my bits are in English/start ~17:30) in which I learned that the city of Amsterdam shares the license plate information of its citizens with Google (& their “CTO” sees no problem with it)

Our cities: homes or prisons?

The title and opening slide of my talk this Thursday for the city of Ghent.

Key points:

• Steer clear of public-private partnerships & de-facto privatisation of citizen data (you can commission services but you are not a partner, you must be in control and protect citizens’ rights/data)

• Never take candy from Silicon Valley

• Invest in decentralised, free/open, interoperable technologies

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