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@dBu_fs Hey, thanks – I’m still experimenting with the setup. The problem is the room and my proximity to the wall, I think. Very kind re: the mic – I have several – will iterate and improve ;)

@sina Go for it! I know the feeling – especially how something not going right in some part of your life affects the motivation to work on those parts that are going right. Easy to offer advice from a distance, I know, but all I can say is every time I’ve forced myself to just get started – fire up that editor or IDE and make a tiny tweak – it’s turned out for the better :)

Here’s wishing you a lovely weekend regardless of what you decide :)

The episode of Inside Story on Al Jazeera English that I was on yesterday is now ready to watch: quite happy I was able to turn what was meant to be a humdrum review of Snapchat’s recent financial loses and a superficial look into the lack of innovation in mainstream technology into a critique of surveillance capitalism with mention of decentralisation and alternatives like Mastodon.


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@alxcndr I agree. Transparency is just a first step and regulation (in an institutionally corrupt system) is a flawed but still better-than-nothing way to achieve at least some transparency and limit the worst of the abuses once we realise we don't like what we now see. Longer term, as you say, we must move away from Surveillance Capitalism: ar.al/notes/encouraging-indivi

I’m on Inside Story on @AJEnglish in 5 minutes

Watch live: aljazeera.com/live/

@Ronflaix Check it out (video): Mastodon toot → hex editor → running in C64 emulator ;)


@gareth I’ll look into it, thanks, Gareth :)

Auto-block any instance that buys into this crap. Nip this shit in the bud.


Via @pourrito mastodon.ar.al/media/q-ukBEC_R

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Fuck you !

Ça sent fort le blocage généralisé, ça ! Y a intérêt, en tout cas !


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I’m on Inside Story on Al Jazeera English at 17:30 GMT today, talking about the toxic business models of people farmers like Facebook & Google and how we must move beyond to create commons-based, decentralised, interoperable, free & open ethical technologies to afford us individual sovereignty & a healthy commons and thereby safeguard our democracy. (I also mentioned Mastodon) ;)


Watch live: aljazeera.com/live/

@nigeldgreen Of course ;) And plus, this is *my* Mastodon – so by sharing it here, I’m sharing on my own space.

“My” Twitter account is not really mine. I am only renting it (in exchange for being farmed by Twitter, Inc.). Twitter, Inc. owns and controls it, decides what I can say and what I cannot say, and can take the account, content, and social graph I created over the last 11 years away from me at any time for any reason. It’s their private property.

This space, is mine.

…It just goes to show how important it is that we reveal the unethical cores behind the shiny interfaces of these people farmers. When people see the surveillance-based business model that lies behind Google’s cute doodles, they do care and they are outraged by what they see. One of our challenges is to force these companies—through regulation—to be as transparent as possible.

Source: Photo was shared by Lee Gamble. Link to original tweet: twitter.com/GambleLee/status/8

This is a photo of a crashed kiosk advertising the menu and offers at a popular Norwegian pizza restaurant chain. It shows that the kiosk was running facial recognition and basic sentiment analysis on the people looking at it.

Based on the number of people who sent me this on Twitter, it’s clear that people care and are unhappy with corporate surveillance.

The worst bit? Compared to what Google and Facebook do daily and at scale, this is a toy.


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@onreact @laurakalbag Without criticism, the only publicity that exists would be good publicity.

Just played a few rounds of Lode Runner on MS-DOS (and probably got further than I ever did when I was a kid). Oh, how I’d missed playing that game :)

Play online at the Internet Archive: archive.org/details/msdos_Lode

(Before you can play, you must press ] to enter the menu, followed by k to configure keys and remap the dig left/right keys to something other than F1/F2.)


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