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Design or Decoration?

IxDA Berlin just released the video from my talk at September’s event (and they’ve done a great job of editing it, thank you).

Watch it here:

“Be a Coder” book bundle is a steal (~2 days left on it)

The “Be a Coder” Humble Book Bundle at $18 from No Starch Press is worth the price for the excellent Understanding ECMASCRIPT 6 book alone (the DRMed Kindle version of that book by itself was more expensive when I checked the price on Treated myself to it yesterday as a New Year’s present.

Put the data kindly provided by @eliotberriot and cleaned the anomalies (drops and spikes) out. Mastodon fediverse growth in 2017:

Farewell, not goodbye: leaving DiEM25 (or “We need to talk about democracy, transparency, feminism, and Assange.”)

This is not a post I ever wanted to write but it’s time to tie up loose ends before starting the new year. I’ve left DiEM25 and I’d like to explain to you why that is and what I hope DiEM will do differently in the future if it is to realise its tremendous potential to be a force for good in the world.

It’s kinda neat to open a support request and get a personal reply…

PS. The feeling is mutual. Netlify exemplifies great design – it just works and gets out of your way. Simply beautiful.

(Now here’s hoping the $12M in VC from Andreessen Horowitz doesn’t mean Google, etc. buys it at some point. Probably the best hope – unless they can buy their investors out – is for an IPO.)

If the whole world was like the tech world…

Monsanto invests in leading organic producer.

World: yay, good for you, organic producer!

(Google Ventures, GitLab)

Exxon Mobil funds Greenpeace with ~$400M/yr.

World: thank goodness there’s an independent organisation working hard to save the environment!

(Google, Mozilla)

One company has drones that track you across 70-80% of the earth’s surface every day.

World: that’s OK, I have nothing to hide.

(Google, the Web)

So I’d missed that Google (Alphabet, Inc.) invested $20M in GitLab in October (thanks, @h for the heads up).

Yeah, so disregard my previous post about federating GitLab, blah, blah, naïve, naïve, blah, blah…

Also, it can never be said enough: fuck venture capital and companies that are funded by it. They’re not your allies.


@aral Depends what you mean by 'bought'. They got $20 million from Google Ventures not long ago.

Thank you Heydon Pickering for removing remote loading of Google Fonts on The Paciello Group’s Hugo-based inclusive documentation builder, Cupper ( As a developer, the easiest way to fight is to not let the people who trust you be tracked by companies like Google. e.g., do you use Google Analytics? Don’t. It’s the most prevalent tracker on the web & allows Google its panopticon-like vantage. Stop using it. Do your bit.

GitLab’s “mirror to GitHub” should be available in the Community Edition, not just the Enterprise Edition

It means that IndieWeb folks can use it to POSSE their source code and GitLab would get tons of free publicity through GitHub. It would also incentivise better decentralisation without losing the benefits of publishing a copy on a centralised platform.

If you agree, please upvote the re-opening and implementation of this issue:

As I don't want to deal with fucking Timezones and shit I'll announce it right now.

At my free time at I've made a *proof-of-concept* of a Mastodon Art gallery what I want to give to the community and let you take part on the development if you like.

You can visit it at

Thank you @Curator for the help, the support and for putting it live!!

Read more here:

Merry Christmas!

#art #mastoart

Federated GitLab? Yes, please…

I run my own GitLab. You run your own GitLab. Your GitLab sends my GitLab a pull request.

How cool would that be?

If you’d like to see that, take a moment to upvote issue #4013:

Month 13 is out of bounds

Was just updating a little Mac app I wrote and started seeing these errors in the console. Apparently, it’s not my app but macOS… :)

Snippet: Fade out punctuation in ES6 (Atom)

If you’re coming from years of being spoiled by the beautiful syntax of CoffeeScript, your eyes might appreciate some respite from the vulgar onslaught of punctuation in ES6. This little Atom editor snippet, which you should place in your styles.less file (Settings → Open Config Folder), enables you to fade them as much as you like.

Been doing some research into the state of the JavaScript/Node.js world for an upcoming project and I’m so freakin’ impressed with:

• FeathersJS (amazing, lightweight REST/realtime back-end framework)
• VueJS
• Nuxt

Some beautiful work being done by the community.


Little gems: Typora (Mac, Linux, Windows) & Balsamiq web

Just made two wonderful discoveries:

Typora, an amazing minimalist Markdown editor that does WYSIWYG right and magically supports diagramming with Markdown. (

And the second, Balsamiq now has a web app and it’s great. It’s called Balsamiq C**** (sadly, they use the C-word in public, which is quite rude) and it’s rather amazing. (

Enjoy! :)

Battling the evil googleapi once more. Sigh.

Please, web devs, don't make your apps phone home to The Goog all the time.

Wow, only just read:

What a dick move.

From now on, you can reach me on @wire – will uninstall Signal before the new year.

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