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“A quick, tiny editor just for writing git commit messages,” did you say?

Well, yes, sure, there’s an app for that :)

No, please, tell me again how unbearably difficult it is to make anything because there are so many libraries and frameworks to choose from these days ;)

HT @cypnk (

"Programmer standing beside punched cards" (1955)

Via the Computer History Museum:

"This stack of 62,500 punched cards — 5 MB worth — held the control program for the giant SAGE military computer network."

Thanks to the #FDroid community, Fairphone is now the first phone manufacturer that offers a phone and an operating system that supports auto-updating of your open-source apps.

Read the blog here:

Okay, you're probably tired of seeing me link to blogposts about ActivityPub today, but in case you wanted to hear a more personal reflection, here's one from my blog:

Idea: a universal ActivityPub client browser plugin.
When you are logged into multiple Fediverse accounts (Mastodon, PeerTube, Aardwolf for example), and you press remote follow or remote reply/like/repost on one of Fediverse sites, the plugin detects that and lets you choose an account from which you'd like to follow or reply to a post.

See for details and updates on the Tsunami Warning and Watch on the West Coast of North America.

The Case of the Random Non-Breaking Spaces in Markdown Headings

I somehow keep adding non-breaking spaces (0xa0) instead of regular ones (0x20) in Markdown headings, breaking the renderer.

So today I look into it a bit and realise that, on a Mac, you enter a non-breaking space with ⌥ <space>.

And how do you write a Markdown heading on a UK keyboard layout?

⌥3 ⌥3 <space>

Guess what happens when you don’t let go of the option key fast enough after the second octothorp…


… mystery solved.

Did you know you could ⌥+click to position the cursor in Terminal (& iTerm2) on a Mac? 🐭

May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?

(Leaving behind practical concerns about exponentially doubling storage space, etc., of course) ;)

@aral (Leaving behind practical concerns about exponentially doubling storage space, etc., of course) ;)

Alternate realities in Merkle DAGs?

Was just thinking about the lack of deletes in Merkle DAGs and wondering what would happen if you created two equally valid branches based on whether a parent node is alive (has content) or dead (is a tombstone). Both realities are equally valid until the owner of the shell message collapses the function into a single value by officially observing one of the states as being true with a new message. The other branch then falls off…

So Decent is pretty fucking amazing!

Check it out on:

(An in-browser social network based on Scuttlebot and Minbase with seamless on-boarding. Seriously easier to get started with than a centralised social network like Facebook. Very, very impressed!)

PS. I’m @aral on there.

Here’s an idea: how about a law that mandates that an open domain name registry, free for all citizens, is included in every ISP’s DNS settings by default, alongside InterNIC.

Oh, and look, someone already built it even:

This one little change could do wonders for individual sovereignty and decentralisation on the Internet.

It could do for owning your own online identity what Let’s Encrypt did for democratising secure web sites.

You can also get Mastodon stickers from DesignByHumans:

Or print them yourself from the files available in the press kit on 😋

I spoke with The Guardian for a podcast recently and it’s now live: Digital dystopia: tech slavery and the death of privacy.

“Is the internet broken? And has the utopian 90s net been replaced by digital feudalism, where a few powerful entities wield control over all of us digital serfs? … To kick off, we explore whether our privacy has been compromised by the tech giants whose business models depend on harvesting and monetising our data.“

Heading back to Malmö after a great first week in Ghent kickstarting development on the Indienet project.

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