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Berners-Lee takes flak for 'hippie manifesto' that only Google and Facebook could love • The Register

Want to make apps for the @Purism #Librem5? We published a simple roadmap for the libhandy GTK+ phone widgets library, so you can get a grasp of our release cadence:

Looking forward to presenting the dinner speech at the Nordic Privacy Arena in Stockholm next week.


I feel angry by just reading the title.

It's not just disingenuous.

They are lying to their users.

This article is disingenuous on a number of levels.

The idea that they are somehow against Google and monopolists while being paid by them, and having them as the default search. The idea that statistical data about precisely how you use the browser is somehow not personal.
@ricardojmendez For a microsecond I considered doing a submission to this, but then I check the reviewers and they all appear to be cryptocurrency people or libertarians. :thinkingghost:

“Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you”…
*that don't track you*

With Dailymotion, Opera, Brave, Vimeo, Medium, Squarespace, Slack…

Please, stop the privacy bullshit!...

It's a complex question, before you think about your own ethics.

Robin Hood took the money from the rich to help the poors, that's fine and a good idea, but never Robin Hood as a nice Logo on her flags to promote one of the rich "donator".

We need to move away from this "everything needs a sponsor", we should think how we can as a community create sustainable events. Maybe our current events are juste too big to be fully supported by the community. Maybe parts of the refexion need to be done here.

We are slave of the "free" everything. It's a trap, everything as a price, if you pay with money, your time or whitewash someone... at the end you pay the price.
@aral @loic @indie @yukiame

@aral I really like Better, I switched to Safari because of it :)

@bob @puffinux @jeffcliff Wow that contract doesn't say much more than "governments and companies will work together to protect privacy and ensure everyone can get online. Oh and we need strong public discourse."

I can't see anyone disagreeing with that. The question is how do people interpret it?

@bob @puffinux @jeffcliff I'd much quicker sign @aral 's Indie Manifesto. It's much more clear by what is meant by "privacy" and how to achieve it.

@puffinux @jeffcliff As if TBL hadn't already lost enough credibility.

This isn't going to help anyone who needs help. Dissidents will still be persecuted. Companies will still conduct surveillance on their users in unethical and non-consenting ways. They will also continue to ignore data protection rules and construct search engines designed to enable government censorship and spying.

Also companies like Cloudflare are a joke and they have zero credibility with anyone who knows how the internet works.

After decades of trying to improve rights in the digital space we know what kinds of things work. Licenses, if properly vetted by copyright lawyers, are known to work. Encryption, if appropriately implemented and audited, works. Systems designed to be "offline first" and go under the radar of most other things are known to provide some level of protections to people who need it.

Vague pledges have never worked. Companies and governments routinely break their promises and think nothing of it.

Better Blocker 2018.2 release for macOS and iOS

What’s new?

• Even simpler interface, consistent across the macOS and iOS versions.

• Displays version and last update information for blocking rules.

• Exceptions is now called the Do Not Block list.

• macOS: Fixes El Capitan crash.

• Comes bundled with the latest blocking rules.

Thank-you to the wonderful folks at VPRO Tegenlicht for a thoughtful and critical look at (and beyond) precarious work and platform monopolies (“the gig economy”) in their latest documentary.

You can watch the whole programme (in Dutch with some interview in English) at:

@aral @trwnh @KevinMarks Each instance re-verifies locally. You could fake on your public profile, but local view on e.g. my instance would show the correct result.

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