Watch the recording of my live interview on Al Jazeera News from yesterday in this news item about the Macron-Zuckerberg meeting.

@aral ow dang, you're like a famous person! The community salutes you

@yarmo Haha, I think that would be pushing the definition of famous ;) Regardless, thank you for your kind words :)

I really like how you can sufficiently "answer" host's question and then swiftly get back to your point! I really wish I could do the same 😄
What I miss in your interviews is a follow-up question from the host about the "alternatives" that you often bring up.
I am curious to know how often you succeed to "deflect" the course of interviews and actually talk about those alternatives? 😀

@masoud Thanks, Masoud. I usually get more of a chance to do so in longer format programmes (e.g., on Al Jazeera, Inside Story) :)

@aral Aral, I've recognised the Apple InEars in the interview. Are you using Software vor Hardware from Apple? If so, don't you see a problem fighting for digit rights when using products from a company not respecting digital rights?

@mathiasrenner Apple is a stopgap. The interview was shot on an iPhone using Skype.

Al Jazeera uses Skype. If I’d said no, they would not have switched to Wire or Signal or Jami and you and others wouldn’t have heard my thoughts. See

Also, they mislabeled me again. I don’t fight for digital rights because there’s no such thing. I fight for (my, and thus, coincidentally your) human rights in the digital networked age.

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