@web dev ops vets. What's your SSG recommendation for these specs:

#1 flat filed content (no db)
#2 flexible themes, easy to edit
#3 github.com/TryGhost/Ghost compatible
#4 or another headless CMS as good...rich text editor, image upload and scaling as minimum
#5 multilanguage module for published content
#6 OAuth compatible
#7 simple beginner friendly scripting engine, as easy edit- and readable as PHP f.ex.
# 8 mature community and docs
# 9 any open source license

#ssg #flatfile #web #cms


@korbendallas @laura Not sure if it satisfies all but check out the next version of Site.js when it drops. Bundles Hugo and Node.js with simple PHP-like routing (if you want; otherwise use full Express routes) + WebSocket.

@aral @laura in-te-res-ting, thanks. Hugo seems widely used, to be tested.

Noticed a few comments re. iffy templating and docs but let's see about that then.

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