Want an example of where Fedora Silverblue 36 trumps the usability of macOS? See the gorgeous new screenshot feature (part of GNOME 42).

1. What do you press to take a screenshot on a Mac? I keep forgetting the silly combination… On my machine, it’s the Print Screen button.

2. The screenshot feature is entirely intuitive with no hidden functionality; it remembers your choices and lets you record stills or videos.


@ramsey @aral TIL; I generally use ⌘⇧4 which has you corner click a square to complete the capture. Probably less hassle for quick grabs, but the extra finesse in ⌘⇧5 looks like it'll be handy in other cases.

@saramg @aral Yeah, the options for capturing windows or full screen with ⌘⇧5 is why I like it.

@aral Silverblue has made me re-think the value of flatpak for user machines, too....

@aral unrelated: please tell me that that tiny foot holding up your monitor is actually a clamp of some sort. It’s so small…

@masukomi Ah, what every man wants to hear :P (It’s the clamp for an adjustable arm) :)

@aral Not sure if your question was rhetorical, but Command-Shift-5, and it seems to work exactly the same as in Fedora (Macs do not have a Print Screen key though, this is not the 80s anymore)

@aral Wow i just discovered that my keyboard has an actual screenshot button 🤯 How did i miss this

@claus Because the icon says “windscreen wiper?” :)

@claus Indeed: two additional keys to do the same thing in 40 years… that’s what I call innovation. Also, did you see the sweet window selector? Oh, and it’s open source ;)

@aral I think having a "print screen" key that doesn't actually "print" the screen is worse than having a shortcut that does exactly what it was designed for. The last time you actually pressed a "print screen" key to print the screen was probably 40 years ago 😆

@aral it is awesome! I mapped the Mac shortcut keys to that feature and am loving it. It is not as good as CleanShotX but is competing hard!

@aral I have alt-prtscr bringing up Spectacle. I never remember that, but it's *way* easier than just about anything on the Mac.

@aral Window management in Gnome anyway better than macOS as I have heard.

@404zzz @aral I believe window management is the weirdest part of MacOS. Makes me really miss my XFCE.

@aral Only a few more posts and I will abandon Ubuntu Budgie and install Fedora.

@aral Wow, that’s actually really impresssive and intuitive. Great work, Fedora!

@aral What's the immutable way of life like? Why did you choose Silverblue over the “standard” Fedora? Less problems?

@aral Or rather (after reading up a little bit), what are the trade-offs and inconveniences like? A stable system is a good (with roll-backs), so that part sounds tempting. 🙂

@mikael Will likely write/record something soon. About to hit the sack now :)

@mikael I’m still finding my way a little but I love this system. There’s definitely room for improvement. You shouldn’t have to know or care that the core OS is read-only for example.

@aral Cool. Looking forward to a closer look! Sleep well. 🌝

@aral 😍 It is almost perfect. The downside is that it changed with my last Manjaro update, and I wondered why I can't make screenshots anymore (ending up installing extra software 🤔). I was not aware that this landed! Thanks for pointing it out 👍

@aral I am *very* tempted to try out SilverBlue. I think I'll try it in a VM and test out installing the @pop_os_official extensions before committing. It seems like a smaller stepping stone than going right to NixOS.

@aral The new screenshot feature has easily been my favorite addition in GNOME 42. It's so good

@aral the same was previously possible by default hotkeys (Shift+PrintScreen). Sad, that those were dropped. :-(

@aral I use both and to be frank I find faster ⌘⇧3, 4, 5. Though, copy to clipboard is very convenient, I don't think macOS has this feature

@fralbinati yes it has: hit CTRL when you do the screenshot combination of your liking and it would save the printscreen in your clipboard ready to be pasted anywhere. @aral


yes, they improve that very well ...

and if you dont have printscreen key on your keyboard then you can map any key. go to settings, search for shortcut ;-)

@aral I do:

- CMD SHIFT 3 for a fullscreen capture
- CMD SHIFT 4 for capturing a selection
- CMD SHIFT 4 + space (afterwards) for capturing a single window
- CMD SHIFT 5 for various video captures
- Hitting CTRL before activating hte print screen, it saves the screenshot in the system's clipboard ready to be pasted.

@m2m You mean Ctrl + Cmd + Shift + 3 puts the full screen capture in the clipboard?

Wow, that's certainly something one wouldn't discover by accident! Good to know.


@clacke I never used the CTRL trick with CMD SHIFT 3, only after CMD SHIFT 4. I don't even know if it works with the former :) @aral

@aral the gnome 42 screenshot builtin feature still lacks a lot of functionalities, it's far way better flameshot in my humble opinion.

@aral Of course there's a pretty good reason why screenshots on macOS aren't taken using the Print Screen key...

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