Well, shit!

I guess it had to happen sometime.

(I’m fine. Triple-jabbed. Had a nasty sore throat Monday and Tuesday that eased up last night and now I’m feeling almost back to normal. Have had worse colds.)

@aral Also 3x jab here. I was sick for about 11 days as well, started with sore throat, then came fever, and serious nasal congestion and flem in my lungs (leading to coughing). You have any of that?

I took a test and it came back negative but those home tests are hit or miss.

Just weird because half of Paris had similar symptoms. My friends in Central and South America all are sick with similar symptoms. It's almost surreal.


@petersanchez Hey Peter, sorry to hear it, man but good to know you’re through it.

I had a nasty sore throat the first two nights. That receded last night. I’m mostly just congested today and perhaps a little tired. Haven’t had a temperature yet.

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@aral That's good. Fever is the worst part. Hope you feel better soon!
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