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The Small Web isn’t about going back to the days of GeoCities. It’s about going forward differently, using modern tech in a non-colonial manner.

It’s not about building clones of Twitter, YouTube, etc. There’s no way anyone can self-host a dozen different services. Instead, it’s about having a single-tenant place on the Web that you own and control without technical knowhow; a place you can add Twitter, YouTube, etc., *features* to.

Good morning to everybody who is viewing publicly available HTML code in a browser today

I can’t believe I’ve lost several hours now trying to figure out how to disable Gtk-Message warnings in Gtk.

It looks like it might not be possible and that just sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

<steps away from the computer>

Documenting what I’ve tried here in my quest to silence GTK warnings:

(I can’t believe I’m having to do this. It’s seriously making me reconsider whether I want to release this app.)

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Oh my fucking god it looks like you can’t turn off GTK warnings? Seriously? You’re fucking kidding me, right?

I can’t believe I’m still trying to find a way to stop my app spewing GTK warnings.

More details, thanks to Simon McVittie:

It looks like this might be an issue on elementary OS’s end.

In the meanwhile, I’m still looking for a way for apps to disable the warning themselves…

CC @danrabbit @cassidyjames

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Also a lot of times you're the programmer and you actually want to silence the warning because you're aware of the issue and it's not a problem, but the developer of the library thinks it is IMPOSSIBLE that anyone could ever have that warning and not require immediate attention of the end user (who I guess is supposed to harass the developer to do something?)

Basically, every app on at least one operating system that wants you to use it instead of macOS starts by displaying a warning when launched from terminal and folks are just OK with that?

My issue isn’t with the bug itself. Bugs happen. I’m the proud daddy of many of the little critters myself.

My issue is with all of the “ignore it” messages I’m seeing as I try to find a solution to it so my app doesn’t launch with a “fuck you” to the person using it.

So anyway, I’m going to go back to trying to configure the Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" package manager (née Flatpak) to get the git commit message editor I’m building to launch without displaying the package manager’s name as a warning.

Proposal to rename Flatpak to Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module".

Proposal to make it illegal for free and open project developers to use the phrase “this warning message is harmless and can be ignored.”

Have a bit more pride in your work, people. Either a warning message is not harmless or your library should not be throwing it.

I’m looking at you, Flatpak.

EVERY Flatpak app currently starts with the warning “Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"”

And it’s been that way for over a year.


@aral did you spot me getting pushed around by a big policeman while holding a camera in his face (6.20) the next day a policeman I was having a friendly chat with one min was stamping on my foot when a police riot kicked off on the back gate. Was limping for 3 months... happy times ;)

Yep trauma is a issue, why I use basic ways of looking at these things. Then it's up to the people to build up from this simplicity DIY, a grassroots aproch.

Practical approaches a film i made for the legal support crew of a big campaign. The repression was ongoing and strong. The healing was the mass walking through the police stop and search - this likely mediated a lot of growing trauma...

#Openweb - all together push through, the HARD block crumbles.

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