@garbados @aral we value your privacy.
that's why you should give it to us. it's best if we take care of it.


we value your privacy
which is why we monetize it

The new, radically simplified, Better Blocker for macOS is now out in time for today’s release of macOS Mojave :)

(And it supports Dark Mode. In case you care about such things.)


RT @KimZetter@twitter.com "From now on, every time you log into [Gmail], Chrome will automatically sign the browser into your Google account...It’ll do this without asking, ...This...has enormous implications for user privacy and trust, and Google seems unable to grapple with this." twitter.com/matthew_d_green/st

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KimZetter/status/1

Let’s all be nice to big corporations that violate their customer privacy promises, because we wouldn’t want to overreact now would we?


Updated my post on “Workaround for unclickable app menu bug with window.makeKeyAndOrderFront and NSApp.activate on ” with a second workaround as the first one was randomly failing.


This is an odd one – while testing the app as I was writing the update, the bug stopped manifesting even without the workaround.

Aren’t timing-related issues fun? :)

Jehova's Witnesses at the gate, Klonka barking at them:

Them: I hope she's friendly!
Me: She is, also she's an atheist and she's not interested
Them: Oh. Oh, okay.

They looked so surprised XD

Here’s another sweet little game: Get Comfortable by McLean (@mcccclean@twitter.com)


@aral A few minutes he say...I might be here forever.

-forgets down arrow is now jump-

This is my life now...

Been looking into the indie gaming scene on itch.io, etc. – so very awesome. Exactly what we need in the non-gaming side of tech also (including platforms that let independents make a living… which is why Elementary’s store is so great…)

Anyway, just stumbled on this tiny game called Afterlife, made with the Construct 3 engine (you’ll finish it in a few minutes). So cute! :)


@aral Tho, an even bigger problem is the #W3C basically having been bought by the top tier tech corps. :/

Riddle me this: I’m a for-profit corporation that says it exists to protect your privacy and yet I couldn’t exist without the billions of dollars I get from companies that exist by violating your privacy.

Who am I?

Any guesses?

Hint: M______ C__________

@fenny @kel @aral @cult We have a saying: :you speak with the words of those whose bread you eat.

Any radical, international, distributed/federated free online universities exist?

If not, why not?

Protip: no organisation that actually values your privacy will have a popup that says “we value your privacy” on their web site.

@fenny @kel @aral @cult ... except that the GNOME Foundation funds one GNOME dev position, for work on GTK+, not on Epiphany.

Ephy is developed mostly by someone who works for Igalia, I believe moslty in their spare time. It uses WebKitGTK, which is developed by Igalia people and others, and is based on WebKit, which is mostly funded by Apple.

If you're going to shit on other people's work, at least get the facts right.

prototypes with some raw molding edges

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