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Morality is dead. It was smothered to death with a spreadsheet.

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The Small Web isn’t about going back to the days of GeoCities. It’s about going forward differently, using modern tech in a non-colonial manner.

It’s not about building clones of Twitter, YouTube, etc. There’s no way anyone can self-host a dozen different services. Instead, it’s about having a single-tenant place on the Web that you own and control without technical knowhow; a place you can add Twitter, YouTube, etc., *features* to.

If you’re using Helix Editor with multiple versions of Node… 

…e.g., via for Fish shell (which you can install using fisher), is that you have to reinstall the language servers (LSP) for each version of node you switch to or Helix won’t be able to find them.


npm install -g typescript typescript-language-server

Ah, because you can also have .css modules. But, again, why not just go by the extension and enforce the assertion. I really don’t get what explicitly repeating that information does.

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Ah, ’cos they’re still under the experimental flag. FML.

Also not sure why the default wasn’t just to assume the assertion without explicit syntax.

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Took some victorian style spirit photographs with long exposures last weekend with @voidxwitch and our friend Kita. I highly recommend it it's a lot of fun. I might end up sharing a little how to on my patreon :)

I’d love to know why mandatory import assertions for JSON imports were backported from Node 17 to 16.4 when they’re a breaking change.


If you’re using Helix Editor, you might like the handful of keymap customisations I’ve implemented for myself:

Today I learned you can press Ctrl+Alt+tab in GNOME 42 to select between activating the top bar and windows (for keyboard navigation).🌻 boosted🌻 boosted

A new HRW report finds that an overwhelming majority of online learning products endorsed by 49 of the world's most populous countries during the Covid-19 school closure were risked or actively infringed on children's rights.


It’s patently absurd to expect independent developers who develop free software on free/open platforms to undertake the time and expense of supporting proprietary platforms they do not themselves use.

I propose the following strategy: if you’re on Linux, say, support Linux in your apps and be open to Win/macOS folks forking the app if they wish.

But also release it under a license like AGPL so they can’t just profit off of your work without giving back (e.g., by selling it on those platforms).

“Mastercard’s biometric checkout system will provide customers facial recognition-based payments, by linking the biometric authentication systems of a number of third-party companies with Mastercard’s own payment systems.”

Yeah, no.

“Erdoğan says he is cutting all ties with Greek PM”

Ah, our NATO “ally.” What a guy…🌻 boosted

mass shooting, uspol 

I can't imagine living in a 'civilised' country where hundreds of times a year, troubled people buy body armour and assualt weapons and go on a rampage, killing random innocent people. And politicians then throw their hands up and say nothing can be done about it.🌻 boosted


82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide. Source: National Library of Medicine (

I can safely guess that other Western and non-Western societies are in a similar or worse ballpark.

If this isn't a complete and utter failure as a society, I don't know what is.🌻 boosted

Okay, I think it's finally time for my #introduction
Hey y'all, my name is Dmitry, I'm an IT technician. I like mostly everything about computers related stuff, and maybe (maybe not) will post something interesting about it!
Also I'm big fan of rock and electronic music, so if you want, you can suggest your favorite bands to me. Currently obsessed with music of Janis Joplin, her vocal is just amazing :ablobnwn:
Also English is not my native language, so feel free to point to my mistakes. Cheers!🌻 boosted

BREAKING - Shareholders asked to leave the meeting. Police moves in to remove protesters, who also unravel a "Shell profits from hell on earth" banner

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