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@TexJoachim I followed you yesterday; maybe that helped?

@zatnosk @ekaitz_zarraga @indie @laurakalbag Nah, that was just me lumbering through without time for refactoring :)

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@laurakalbag and @aral

I'm checking @indie 's website's code to get ideas for page and I like it so much.

Good job!
Lovely website, minimalistic, simple but beautiful design and slightly mind-blowing code behind.


Thank you for making it Free Software.

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@aral @chr I once programmed a complete (basic) 3D engine in scratch, for my final project in university, in PASCAL, because one of my professors was adamant I couldn't do it.

Anyways I'm going to wistfully remember dialing into BBSes now.

@maiyannah @chr Now there's an idea… how's the TCP/IP stack looking for the C64 these days? ;)

@radix42 I know, right? ;)

@skoop Basically, yeah. I know the dev team are actively thinking about/working on migration features. But early days yet :)

@wion Aren’t we all? :) Yes, it’s the first one.

@notabene :stuck_out_tongue:

@HerraBRE Umm… I like peanut butter with cheese… and jam too. Yes, people do look at me funny.

@wion Sorry, Destry, it’s because Mastodon doesn’t have account migration yet. I started out on Mastodon.social about six months ago but I’ve since moved to my own instance at mastodon.ar.al – the latter one is the one I’m actively using :)

@TQ Sounds like an excellent experiment :)

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Is there anyone interested in doing a group where we learn to code together? Using mostly free resources? And work on a common project, perhaps? Programming language is open for discussion.

Gibt es Menschen die Interesse hätten an einer Gruppe, in der wir Programmieren lernen? Dabei v.a. freie Ressourcen nutzen? Und vll. an einem gemeinsamen projekt arbeiten? Programmiersprache ist noch offen. #practicecoding

@maiyannah Ouch! Good luck :)

@coeur66 Thanks, man. Really appreciate it.

If I could do what I do without anyone ever knowing who I was, I would.

@zatnosk Ah, I misread (as did @ekaitz_zarraga) – still, that whole thread. WTF? I mean, ffs, how about spending time critiquing those who are actively working every day to fuck things up instead of those of us trying to make things better? This sort of crap makes me question why I put myself out there (hint: it’s not for the six-figure pay check, that’s for sure). Do people really think you do this for ego? You’d have to be a masochist.

@ekaitz_zarraga I have no idea where he pulled that one out of. I don’t even know the guy and I don't go to activists meetings :)

Oh, and now I see he’s spouted some absolute bullshit about me in the thread. Activist meetings? Dude, when’s the last time I went to an activist meeting? We avoided Berlin just so we could stay away from the “bold and the beautiful” crap that goes on in that community.

Seriously, why do people think they can just talk crap about you without knowing you or having ever met you just because you may be somewhat known in a given field?