How dumb do you have to be to think that Google are the good guys?

Hey @conservancy,

Nothing says “freedom” like having a trillion-dollar surveillance capitalist as your main sponsor.

(CC Mozilla)

The reason Mozilla gets away with it is because tech folks are great at following the code, but not so much at following the money (especially if that money funds their code).

But even that is victim blaming to a degree…

Understand that there are developers both inside and outside of Mozilla who genuinely care about doing the right thing and they are the victims here too. They have been – and are being – fundamentally misled by the folks who run Mozilla Corporation/Mozilla Foundation.

“After the government sued Google as a monopolist, Mozilla Corp., you’d think, might have celebrated…Yet within hours…Mozilla published a blog post offering a stern warning…: Please don’t go too far…Google pays Mozilla for it to be the default search engine on Firefox, and the money accounts for the vast majority of Mozilla’s revenue.“

Get it now?

Do you understand who Mozilla Corp. ultimately exists to protect? (Hint: it’s not you.)

@aral there are already multiple projects working on this project, including systemd-homed which received the usual love and hate.

There are also some more manual approaches to it, by some Debian developers.

But yes, this is a problem and it needs a solution.

CC @cassidyjames @elementary We should chat about this sometime. I’m going to try and implement an unencrypted boot partition alongside an encrypted one that gets automatically unmounted/remounted at screen lock/suspend, etc.

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So full-disk encryption on a Linux laptop is basically bullshit, isn’t it?

*gasps from the audience* *angry shouting*

Lock your computer: unencrypted
Sleep: unencrypted
Suspend: unencrypted

Hand your locked/sleeping/suspended computer to a customs agent or leave it unattended at a cafe: it’s unencrypted.

And we call this secure.

So I guess that’s the first thing to fix before we can recommend these devices to everyday people instead of Macs (see FileVault for a proper implementation).

Yeah, looks like my local copy is a few commits behind :)

@elementary Note: I can reproduce the Photos issue in Firefox also. However, drag and drop to upload works from Files so I’m going to move that issue to the Epiphany repository as it’s apparently an Epiphany bug.

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@elementary Hmm, you can’t drag and drop an image either from the Files or Photos apps into Epiphany (was just trying to share a screenshot) in elementary OS 5.1.7… how do you folks do it? Assuming you must have run into this also. Am I “holding it wrong?” :)

PS. Opened an issue:

And, possibly related:

Looks like @Vimeo decided to only record the first three minutes so I've made the video private (in hopes that maybe it's a delay or something and that the footage is not lost). If it's the latter, I might record a short summary or write something up sometime.

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Yay! My new @elementary OS @starlabsltd laptop just arrived.

Join me live to see my first impressions:

I left a welcome text file in the folder with this link to @aral 's article to explain why I don't use google shenanigans. Thanks for doing such a nice write up of the issue Aral!

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A friend reached out to me today to ask if we can start emailing each other videos, since we never seem to be around at the same time to vidchat. I think this is brilliant. She wanted to do it using google shenanigans, but I convinced her to use a shared folder on my nextcloud! A win for free software :)

@aral "that's quite the Hypocrisy, darling."

Still, good thing that we can 1. Disable Javascript coming from known trackers and 2. Block trackers via hosts file so that even when suckers like this get us down we still have defense in layers.

I don’t think I’m with it this morning: just wrote “git status” into the address bar of my browser.

I just ordered a Star LapTop Mk IV with elementary OS pre-installed to use as my daily driver going forward. I also started a small monthly sponsorship on behalf of Small Technology Foundation and look forward to playing with it on the PineBook too and helping out where I can :)

* * *

The link below includes @elementary’s reference code in the link – the one on the link on their store – in case they need it to get paid on any purchases this toot might result in:

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