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Spent the evening trying out every major Linux distribution I could find under Gnome-Boxes so that I could write one sentence from a place of empirical knowledge in an upcoming post. How do you like them shaved yaks?

Was having gnome-boxes fail to launch any virtual machine image under 18.04 and this fixed it:

(Qemu version 2.11.1- Debian 1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.4.)

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Westworld S2E2: perfect metaphor for surveillance capitalism.

Ah, the joys of being on a free and open source operating system with free and open source apps: I launch Geary (email app) for the first time today to set up my account and see that FastMail isn't supported while surveillance-based emails are (Gmail, Yahoo, …). So I fork the repo, add the support, and boom, it works and I setup my account.

Bliss! :)

(Will chat to the Geary team tomorrow; it's early, there might be issues, and I don't entirely know what I'm doing yet with that codebase.) :)

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gotta love this quote: "... Windows 10, which is what you get when you combine the elegance of old men who wear socks in sandals with the Chinese government’s respect for privacy and Martin Shkreli’s sense of ethics."


What's a £99 notebook like? (First in a series of posts.) via @aral

iOTA 360

What's a £99 notebook like? (First in a series of posts.)

Also available on the peer web with Beaker Browser: dat://

News flash: if your business plan is to make a billion dollars while decentralising the world, you’re interested in making a billion dollars, not decentralising the world.

A decentralised world, by its very nature, has no place for billionaires.

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As we're approaching pre-French Revolution inequality levels and poverty is spreading across the west like wildfire, capitalist aristocracy turns to FT's experts to discover new ways to spend the wealth they stole from us.


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@aral BTW if anyone wants to configure it from the commandline, see .

It works basically anywhere other than Mac and Windows. And you can even configure different desktops on the same machine differently if you want.

Enabling Better Blocker in Gnome Web

@gnome Web is an ethical, simple, elegant, and beautiful web browser. And, since I switched my main development machine to one running Gnome Shell, it is now my default browser.

To get Gnome Web to use Better’s blocking rules, all you need to do is to enter the following command in terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.Epiphany adblock-filters "['']"

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@privacylab @mozilla Hey Mozilla, here's my entry:

I had a recent invasive experience with a browser called Firefox. The default search engine was Google, a surveillance capitalist. So I was being tracked every time I wrote into the address bar. (Apparently, the browser maker receives billions from Google.) Then I saw that third-party cookies were on by default and tracking protection was off. Finally, I realised I'd been sharing data and was enrolled in "studies" with the browser maker.


"For the last 12 years, my main development machine has been a Mac. As of last week, it’s a Dell XPS 13 running Pop!_OS 18.04 ... Take note: this is the first operating system I’ve used that is simpler, more elegant, and does certain things better than macOS."

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I built a head-mounted LiDAR array that lets you see the world like a dolphin through vibrations sent through you jaw.

Bonus: you look absolutely ridiculous wearing it.

My "Reclaiming RSS" post now has a French translation thanks to the lovely folks at @Framasoft

French (HTTPS):

English (DAT): dat://

English (HTTPS):

HT @goofy