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Plain ES6, CoffeeScript 2, Elm, Or… for a new Node.JS project in 2018?

So, fediverse, would welcome your thoughts. I’m a big fan of CoffeeScript for its elegance. Not sure if using 2 would pose interoperability issues with libraries in 1 (eg. =>) & whether the additional inconsistencies with JS (eg., async keyword not being required for async functions) would make it confusing for other team members…

Bracket hell be damned, I’m actually considering plain JS using standard style… thoughts?

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Hi all,

Just a reminder that 2 weeks ago I announced that will be shut down today.

In case you haven’t had a chance to backup your followers list, I’m going to give a grace period until end of day (CET) on Sunday (Dec 17th).

To backup your followers, please go to Settings ( → Data export and use the CSV link to download your followers list. You can then import them into any other Mastodon instance.

Having a bourbon and… I like it. That’s a first! Willett Pot Still Reserve.

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I'm sorry for all the IPFS tweets but this is just incredible. Check out peerpad: or or or (if you run ipfs locally) http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmXhnaUzhiZ6EGvr2SwPgSZzVhfsTnzTW5EsXH6TNnQcYD

So long as your network connectivity story isn't too sketchy, this is a fully distributed, real time collaborative text editor that can support thousands of clients at once.

So cool.

ActivityPub support in browsers

Since ActivityPub is a W3C standard, I feel it’s time we had Follow, Like, Reply, etc. buttons as standard in mainstream browsers (linked to your ActivityPub/Mastodon account/instance).


Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance

“The intelligence community hoped that the nation’s leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public.”

HT @onreact

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Immersing myself in the ActivityPub, ActivityStreams, and JSON-LD specs this weekend.

PS. Anyone know any ActivityPub server + client implementations in JS/Node? (Before I reinvent the wheel?) Cursory glance at GitHub revealed ones in esoteric hobby languages but nothing I could find in the lingua franca of the web.

Am I allowed to judge this book by its cover?

(Wow. Tremendously tempted to buy it just for the craftsmanship even though I already have the ebook.)

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Another World
"The Making Of with Eric Chahi"

This is some insight behind the amazing 1991, which was part sci-fi fantasy, platformer, and puzzle game

For its time, Another World was an amazing piece of storytelling considering the hardware available at the time (Atari ST and Amiga)


Danish National TV programme to tackle

I’m off to Copenhagen in a few minutes for the taping of an annual “awards” edition of a tech programme on Danish national TV called So Ein Ding. Surveillance Capitalism will be getting an “award” and I’ll be there to extol its “virtues” ;)

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“It is undeniable that Tim Cook and Xi Jinping have a shared vision of the internet. Xi wants to be able to control all information and silence those who may threaten his leadership. Cook helps him with vast, unaccountable, implementation of censorship across Apple products,”

/CC @aral

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@aral The future of Creepy Computing.

I want a future which increases human agency, which doesn't consider free will to be a bug. If the computer system has already anticipated everything I say or do before I say or do it then am I living an authentic life, or merely a charade?
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Partials and caching support in Set

Set is my unobtrusive and DRY template engine for Node.js and browsers. It lets you write your templates in plain HTML and requires no mapping code. And it now has partials (implemented via HTML comments) and document caching support.


• Main:
• Partials:
• Document caching:
• Source:

Facebook: Core EU Business Potentially at Risk when GDPR Comes into Force in May 2018; Legitimate Interest Exemption Likely Not An Escape Hatch; Privacy Activists Preparing to Sue for Violations – by Macrui Dostourian on The Capitol Forum

“GDPR is “basically Europe saying to [Facebook] that their business model is unacceptable,” and analogized the increased data protection enforcement with the beginning of the downfall of big tobacco.”

Mass surveillance isn’t about safety, it’s about control

“The UK government approved the export of controversial surveillance equipment to the Republic of Macedonia…

The Macedonian government that acquired the equipment subsequently collapsed…

…after leaked audio tapes showed the Macedonian secret services had illegally spied on the country’s citizens, including politicians, civil society activists and journalists, since at least 2011.”

Via @mirela

Just moved to Netlify (

Seamless process, comes with CDN and Let’s Encrypt TLS support baked in, free for personal projects (commercial or otherwise), and has a viable business model based on charging larger teams and businesses.