If you still trust these companies, you are a blithering idiot and you deserve to be laughed out of the fucking room.


Note: yesterday’s npm package was missing certain files from the lib/ folder due to the existence of a second package.json there (left over from the mono-repo refactor). That’s now fixed in version 1.0.1.

I’ve also fixed an issue with the example in the blog post.

All tested and working from a clean install now. Enjoy! :)


Stepping away from the Interwebs for a glass of wine and perhaps a little escapism in ESO :) Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes.

Lots and lots of :hearts:

Ooh, and I just got a lovely birthday present from my dear friend Peter: early access to the first episode of his upcoming TV series, The Activist.

And. It’s. Really. Good! (Watched the first ten minutes or so and now saving it to watch with Laura tomorrow) :)

Trailer: vimeo.com/369111385

Thanks, @brokep


Today’s my birthday so I thought I’d give you all a little present:

@small-tech/https, a batteries-included plug-and-play replacement for the Node.js https module with automatic provisioning of both locally-trusted and globally-trusted certificates (via mkcert and Let’s Encrypt)

Happy birthday y’all! :awesome: 🎉


Aww, somebody loves me… what a perfect birthday present from Laura :)

One tool that really helped with the initial refactor to a mono-repo was the npm graph site npm.broofa.com

Bit the bullet and forked Greenlock (v2) again – this time into a mono-repo – after seeing the direction v3 is going in. Now I’m going through it line by line and removing all the marketing and telemetry and other miscellaneous bullshittery. Ultimate goal is to port it to ES6 and combine it with Nodecert to create an https module that is isomorphic with regular Node https module.

@aral Recently discovered Let's Chat after reading you also developed a chat app. Small tech?


@aral I do not have one, but I have considered buying from friendlyarm - such as the zeropi or nanopi.
like linux-sunxi.org/FriendlyARM_Na
(I have not purchased because I have enough small arm boards that I am not using now.)

If China is an issue, Odroid boards are available via distributors outside Korea as well: hardkernel.com/distributors/
And while the XU4Q series is not exactly the same as the pi zero, it's still cheap - and at least where I am, buying from Europe (not "we don't want to be Europe anymore" either, done with their sh*t) makes more sense than from the US.

The Rock Pi S is supposedly coming to German distributors, but I don't see it yet in the distributor stores.

A quick follow-up: thanks to Andreas Monitzer’s suggestion on the birdsite, I just ordered one of these, which sounds perfect for what I have in mind: friendlyarm.com/index.php?rout

I also just saw that a number of you recommended it & similar boards from the same company here. Thank you all so much for your feedback. Will check out some of the other alternatives you mentioned also but the zeropi sounds perfect for my needs :)

Hey, so given you apparently still can’t buy more than one Raspberry Pi Zero at a time, anyone know of a good alternative with similar performance and, heck, maybe even built-in ethernet?

Asking for a potential fun little project ;)

@mattj basically: think of how GTalk and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger got started (and not how they ended). That part just worked. Then make it easy to decentralize. I like where @aral’s Site.js is going with respect to true 360° usability.

Site.js: now with auto updates in production


“One of the biggest security issues in tech is running outdated software. While I was running my servers on nginx, I couldn’t tell you when they were last upgraded as the process was so convoluted. With Site.js, running your own web server has to be deploy and forget. We cannot assume that folks are going to update their servers.”

I do love watching Site.js build on the Raspberry Pi :)

(Nexe doesn’t support cross-compilation for ARM yet so it’s the only platform where I can compile for all platforms in one place.)

Site.js 12.10.0 is now out. This version brings with it automatic production server updates. Set up your personal server and then forget it, knowing that it will always be running the latest version of Site.js.


@manuelcaeiro (Also, I don’t view what we’re doing through a capitalist lens. So if there are folks building similar tools for similar reasons, then more power to them. They are allies, not competition.)

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