How sloppy OPSEC gave researchers an inside look at the exploit industry

“Those government developers were testing out the WhatsApp malware on their own devices, and it was storing their discussions on the program’s servers.

The nation-state essentially had hacked itself and accidentally dumped highly sensitive information on the open internet—including details of its interactions with the secretive vendors who sell spyware to governments.”


Twenty-five speakers have already confirmed their presence at the Free Silicon Conference (#FSiC):

The introduction on Day 1 will begin with talks of:

1. Purism (
2. Wiring (
3. Echopen (

Which impact will the first free and open (layout included) chips have on security, education and cooperative projects?

@dtluna @switchingsocial @humanetech @aral I actually know that regulation does work. The way I know this is because getting food poisoning in a restaurant or with store-bought food is extremely unlikely.

That's not something "the market" solved. That's regulation.

@aral Yep. Appalling.
The guy in the video (Google's president for France) congratulates himself for “teaching people to protect their personal data”. The lolz.

The illusion of choice is probably the most effective weapon of disenfranchisement ever invented.

Me: it’s 1AM, I should sleep

Brain: hmm, what if you encoded a steady heartbeat (time, eg., seconds) into an append-only log?… that could have some interesting properties… I wonder if it could be used to authorise/deauthorise devices in multiwriter…

Just remembered the time I got Samuel L. Jackson to tell Eric Schmidt to get his motherfucking nose out of Sam’s motherfucking email.

Ah, good times :)

Checking out by Greenhost (they gave me an account to try out.)

“ has a solid, agile base and can deliver instances within 30 seconds. Its functionalities are designed especially for developers of services to promote digital civil rights.”

Quite like the sound of that :)

Reading through How DAT Works (prerelease) – this guide is an absolute treasure.


"you owe me a response"

"If you don't engage with me its because you know you're wrong"

"you're abusing the block feature"

@aral @Tlacaelel Right. And maybe I should also make this clearer in the documentation. Freedombone is designed for a threat model where the server is located at your place of residence. If it's run within a data center then this could be quite risky, and isn't recommended.
@aral @Tlacaelel Unless the server itself is decentralized and something you can control.

👋So, it's upgrade day and I will be starting the upgrade to v2.7.0 for all instance hosted in now.

To avoid long waits during database upgrade there will be 2 downtimes of under 30 seconds. Meaning, your instance will go down and come back up and after some minutes (depending on instance size) the same will happen and the upgrade finished.

You can read the blog post with the highlights of v2.7.0 here:

Any issues, please let me know.

The reason tech bro trolling works, even if you are astoundingly egregious about it, is internalized misogynistic presumption of incompetence.

If a guy makes a joke about Linux, open source, whatever, that's really painfully obvious they're pretending to not know what they're on about, they're not likely to get many responses confronting them. Even if they seriously don't they often don't. Someone hyperfeminine? There's no fucking way they could know what they're talking about.

A bridge is primarily defined by the two points it connects. When building a bridge from surveillance capitalism to peerocracy, one of those points is already decided for us. Whether or not we place the other leg in the right place will determine where we get to if we’re successful in building the bridge. That’s why we can compromise and iterate on a lot of things but not on where that other leg needs to go. If we compromise on that, we will end up building a different bridge altogether.

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