Phones LineageOS 15.1 is officially supported on

LineageOS is the successor to Cyanogenmod – a Google-free, freedom technology alternative to stock Android that isn’t infected with Google Play Services (Google’s surveillance services) … Version 14.1 is stable and runs flawlessly on older hardware but if you’re looking for a new phone, this list I compiled may help.

Web+: dat://


@aral Do you know about microG? It's a FOSS implementation of Google Services.

There's also LineageOS with built-in microG.

@desikn Was just reading about it yesterday. Have yet to try it out but aiming to when I get a chance.

@desikn @aral thanks I have been trying to find something like this for maps. I searched at least 20 different terms.


@desikn @aral I'm using for a long time, with Yalp store, everything works, is fantastic.

@desikn @aral and I learned that I can use LineageOS without any extra Google blobs and no Gapps and all my apps still run!

@aral Can't wait to install it as soon as the Pixel is supported!

@aral oh, is "web+" the official name for the dat/Beaker browser stuff? there's gotta be a better name than that...

@NoGodsNoSenpais @aral There ought to be an award for "ambitious project from the Free Software corner of computing with an unsearchable name"

@ente @NoGodsNoSenpais @aral Nope, that's just what I'm calling the bridge between the centralised/surveillance Web and the Peer Web. The DAT stuff is usually called p2p web (I call it peer web as that feels a bit more accessible). Always open to better suggestions.

@ente @NoGodsNoSenpais @aral That would be a very difficult contest to judge: so many exemplary entries...

@aral @NoGodsNoSenpais it might help solve this particular problem :)

If people can’t find something, they also can’t use or promote it, which I’m afraid puts us at even more disadvantage.

Unix naming conventions mostly don’t help, except when it’s reasonably unique. And even then, my colleague is still struggling with xcb („xbc“) and I regularly get rgb wrong („rbg“).

@aral is there also a successor project to Cyanogen founded by one of the #Mandrake #GNU + #Linux founders?

@aral the Sony Xperia XA2 looks sweet. And is half the price of a Fairphone...

@aral It's a pitty that OS for mobile phones does not work more like GNU/Linux for standard computers: you can install the same distro on almost all computers with the same processor architecture. Given the current capacity of modern phones, I think it should be possible to pack all the drivers and specific settings to the basic Android, and then chose the appropriate ones when loading the OS (or during install). I think the problem comes from manufacturers not releasing any of the drivers, etc

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